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Doc Apocalypse (2017) HD online

Doc Apocalypse (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Video Game / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Doc Apocalypse
Director: Mark J. Lovegrove
Writers: Danilo Cagliari
Released: 2017
Budget: £1,000
Video type: Video Game
When Professor Higgins' latest experiment seems to cause an apocalypse, he finds himself in a race against time to reach his family and other inventions in an effort to restore order.
Credited cast:
Olivia Brown Olivia Brown - Tobias Higgins (voice)
Lynsey Frost Lynsey Frost - Elzebeth Tesla (voice)
Morris Griffin Morris Griffin - Eli (voice)
Jesse Gunn Jesse Gunn - Sheriff Grimes (voice)
Paul Hikari Paul Hikari - Butch Grimes (voice)
Jonnie Hurn Jonnie Hurn - Lewis Higgins (voice)
Matthew Jones Matthew Jones - Father Camden (voice)
Klemens Koehring Klemens Koehring - Constipated Soldier (voice)
Dave Lanzafame Dave Lanzafame - Soul (voice)
Jesse Lowther Jesse Lowther - Doctor Bishop (voice)
Stephen Mcleod Stephen Mcleod - Gaius (voice)
Dave Seaman Dave Seaman - Girder (voice)

The 2017 release of Doc Apocalypse is a deluxe version of the original 2012 release, with new voices and a new soundtrack plus some additional puzzles.