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Halloween: Evil Never Dies (2017) HD online

Halloween: Evil Never Dies (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short
Original Title: Halloween: Evil Never Dies
Released: 2017
Video type: Movie
A Halloween Fan Film that takes place after the events of Halloween: Resurrection. The story centers around Dr Loomis' son, Donald, who is the Sheriff of Haddonfield, IL, and a Teen girl named Amy who had a previous encounter with the masked killer. Sheriff Loomis gets a suspicious call. The old Myers house has been broken into. Could it be The Boogeyman?
Credited cast:
Kinson Cichon Kinson Cichon - Chad
Jaylen Falls Jaylen Falls - Brock
Kelly Murtha Kelly Murtha - Amy
Mark Murtha Mark Murtha - The Shape
Aaron Poland Aaron Poland - Sheriff Loomis
Dalton Pressnell Dalton Pressnell - Captain Ray
Tim Wootton Tim Wootton - Cadet Milnor