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Southern Gentlemen (2004) HD online

Southern Gentlemen (2004) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Mystery
Original Title: Southern Gentlemen
Director: Jared Smith
Writers: Nicholas Giancola,Jared Smith
Released: 2004
Budget: $5,500
Duration: 13min
Video type: Movie
When a prominent politician's daughter turns up dead in a small Mississippi town many questions need to be answered. Detective Stonewall is on the case and when he finds out that the dead girl (Calli) had two lovers then things heat up for him. Xavier and Ty both have opportunity, motive and no alibi. The story takes place as the two young men tell their accounts of the previous night to Stonewall. Both their stories aren't adding up and Stonewall must decide quickly who the guilty party is. Things are not what they seem to be in Lee County Mississippi.
Cast overview:
Arthur Lupetti Arthur Lupetti - Det. Stonewall
Robert Homer Mollohan Robert Homer Mollohan - Xavier (as Robert Mollohan)
Taylor Girard Taylor Girard - Ty
Shayna Freedman Shayna Freedman - Carolina
Danni Ravden Danni Ravden - Calli
Mike Fitch Mike Fitch - Det. Longstreet

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    A great murder mystery in the Deep South. A mix of Kurowsa and Faulkner thrown in a blender. It is shot beautifully and was smartly written. Det. Stonewall played by Arthur Lupetti is a joy to watch as he and Xavier(Robert Mollahan) match wits. A story that involves different points of views and different reasons for those stories. I thoroughly enjoy how Det. Stonewall is pushing the story forward and how there seem to be two protagonists instead of one. Cinematography by Ryan Wick adds to the story by placing us in the Southern Night it justs feels hot. A great effort for what appears to be a student film. I look forward to seeing more of this story or films like this in the future.