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Pilgrim Hill (2013) HD online

Pilgrim Hill (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Pilgrim Hill
Director: Gerard Barrett
Writers: Gerard Barrett
Released: 2013
Duration: 1h 25min
Video type: Movie
Jimmy Walshe is a middle aged farmer living in rural Ireland with his critically ill father. Life has been tough on Jimmy over the years, but things are about to get worse, as his life hits a very rough patch on and off his farm.
Cast overview:
Joe Mullins Joe Mullins - Jimmy
Muiris Crowley Muiris Crowley - Tommy
Corina Gough Corina Gough - Margaret
Kevin McCormack Kevin McCormack - Ganley
Keith Byrne Keith Byrne - Garda

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    All I can say is well done on the creation of a masterpiece. I just saw this Film in the Classic Cinema in Listowel in Ireland and loved it. It is such a real representation of a tragically sad existence by a bachelor in rural Ireland. Amazingly, despite the slow pace of the film representing the slow pace of the life it describes, we were kept on the edge of our seats throughout. Also an amazing performance by the lead actor. With that the film was supposedly shot on a shoe string budget.

    For any Irish person with an Uncle or Aunt living alone, this is a must see!
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    I went to see Pilgrim Hill in late 2011 at the Classic Cinema in Listowel, and one of the first thing that struck me was the amount of farmers present, something which I'd never seen before at a screening of any film.

    The film itself tells the story of Jimmy Walsh, a lonely and isolated bachelor farmer, whose mundane life is interspersed with visits to the creamery and the local pub. Any of the vast social and economic changes that occurred in the last twenty years in Ireland seemed to have bypassed Jimmy. The farm he works seems almost of another era, with rickety roadways, a vintage tractor and an antiquated milking parlour. And these are just the things we can physically see; the overbearing presence of his bed-ridden father, whom we never see, but are given of a picture of by Jimmy's documentary style revelations to the camera.

    And yet, there are glimmers of hope; the simple satisfaction Jimmy gets from tasks such as milking the cows, repairing fences, saving turf. The chance and all too brief encounter with an attractive musician, the friendship offered by Tommy, whose joie de vivre brings an energy and vitality to the film.

    But it is Joe Mullins, who plays Jimmy, who is the real star. Fantastic facial expressions and a farmers gatch about him, the audience roots for him even to the extent that you could hear people drawing breath when he is stopped at a Garda checkpoint on route home from the pub.

    For anyone from a farming background, the denouement is heartbreaking, but it never felt forced or tacked on. Undoubtedly a slow moving film (almost French in style, although the weather is a lot better there!), but well worth seeing for a snapshot of Irish rural life that may well be gone in another generation. Finally, fair play to Ger Barrett for making the whole thing on a shoe string budget.
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    Never reviewed on here before, but just watched this movie on RTE. It is really beautiful. I find it hard to see how anyone can see it as boring or such like. Yes, it moves slowly, but that's the point, people.

    It captures a world out there that is so real in rural Ireland, & captures it beautifully. As someone has already stated, it is shot beautifully (I know, I keep using the same adjective, but appropriate!) - the cinematography is top notch - something I always appreciate.

    This movie is extremely reminiscent of the wonderful Lenny Abrahamson movie 'Garage' with Pat Shortt - similar themes, similar bleakness & oh so brilliant! Also reminds me of a Scottish movie I saw recently called 'Shell', with similar themes.

    Thank you for this movie.