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Steve Martin's Best Show Ever (1981) HD online

Steve Martin's Best Show Ever (1981) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Comedy
Original Title: Steve Martinu0027s Best Show Ever
Director: Dave Wilson,Eric Idle
Writers: Dan Aykroyd,Tom Davis
Released: 1981
Duration: 1h
Video type: Creative Work
Steve Martin's fourth NBC special was in the spirit of his previous association with "Saturday Night Live". It was broadcast live from Studio 8H, produced by Lorne Michaels and featured some original cast members of the show. Sketches included: the Festrunk Brothers (Martin and Dan Aykroyd) in a womens' art gallery (with Larraine Newman, Lauren Hutton and John Belushi in drag); Martin as "The Elephant Guy" (with Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Lynn Redgrave); Irwin Mainway (Aykroyd) hosts a game show for stupid people (with Newman and Gregory Hines).
Credited cast:
Steve Martin Steve Martin - Himself / Various
Dan Aykroyd Dan Aykroyd - Yortuk Festrunk / Irwin Mainway / Alexander Haig / Dr. Frederick Treves
John Belushi John Belushi - Zhelezna Postruk
Gregory Hines Gregory Hines - Himself / Lionel Foot
Lauren Hutton Lauren Hutton - The Artist
Bill Murray Bill Murray - Bytes
Laraine Newman Laraine Newman - The Artist's Friend / Mona
Lynn Redgrave Lynn Redgrave - Mrs. Kendal
Paul Shaffer Paul Shaffer - Himself / Jo Jo the Dog-Faced Boy
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Tom Davis Tom Davis
James Downey James Downey
Al Franken Al Franken
Eric Idle Eric Idle - Reporter
Frank Kopic Frank Kopic
Don Pardo Don Pardo - Himself - Announcer (voice)

This special was broadcast live.

Reviews: [3]

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    This is a must see for ANY SNL fan that remembers the Golden Years of, Belushi, Aykroyd, and Radner. Produced by Lorne Michaels and broadcast live on NBC, it was like watching a reunion show with Martin as the guest host. We even get to see the return of a few of SNL's best loved characters from that era. The original SNL cast had since moved on at the time of this broadcast, and the SNL cast at that time was one of the worst in the history of the show. For those of us that were thirsting for the return to greatness of SNL, this offered us on last look at what the show once was and would never quite be again. Not every skit was a piece of art, but as a whole, this was a very funny special. This was not a ratings bonanza for NBC (although it did very well in the 18-25 demographic), so I'm betting that many fans of Martin & SNL have never seen it. This should REALLY be released on video or DVD if for no other reason, to allow those who have not seen it the chance to say goodbye to the SNL of the first 5 years.
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    I don't know if it's just because times have changed or, perhaps, this fourth special by Steve Martin was never funny in the first place. All I know is that it hardly elicited a laugh and was painfully unfunny. A few sketches worked...kind of...such as the Elephant Man skit near the end and the dance numbers. But the rest were a sorry lot...especially the Two Wild and Crazy Guys (was this EVER funny??), the Eric Idle film and the Alexander Haig skit.

    The bottom line is that this live Lorne Michaels-produced show just wasn't written all that well and it was, at best, spotty. I have the other three previous specials on DVD and hope they are better than this mess of a show. And, in the end, I don't blame Steve Martin for most of's just that the writing was painfully unfunny and dull.
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    This was one of the best television experiences of my life. For 23 years, my family watched our tape of it each Thanksgiving Eve. Unfortunately, it has been misplaced. Can anyone help me replace it? Every element of it was wonderful and, although it was a parody, it reminded me of the the great television variety shows at their best. There was something in the show to attract everyone and most of it has been committed to memory: Did dinosaurs build Stonehenge?, Elephant Guy, the wonderful performance of Gregory Hines, Sucker Showcase and Steve Martin positively at his best. NBC really needs to offer this on DVD.