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Still Waters (2011) HD online

Still Waters (2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Still Waters
Director: Tana Smith
Writers: Tana Smith
Released: 2011
Budget: AUD 200,000
Duration: 1h 20min
Video type: Movie
Ben and Sally's relationship is already strained as they embark on a three month sabbatical, into the hinterland of Australia's Sunshine Coast. From the start Ben is plagued by omens and vision that warn him against staying on the property. The history of the rural home attracts the attention of Sally when she discovers a diary tucked in the back on an old dresser. She works at translating the secrets held within, but her revelations will come too late for her husband. Ben has set something free. An ancient evil that exists on to feed .... and breed. Ben is suddenly different, distant, and Sally is pushed away as the creature embarks on it's killing spree. The only hope for Sally is the arrival of her friends Emma and George. After Emma falls victim to the creature Sally is finally convinced to leave...but what is it that she is taking with her.
Credited cast:
Kristy Brooks Kristy Brooks - Jodie (as Kristy Hamby)
David Clark David Clark - Dave
Dominique Donovan Dominique Donovan - Eseta
Whitney Duff Whitney Duff - (voice)
Belle Galpin Belle Galpin - Jesse
Kaya Genc Kaya Genc - John
Mike Hamby Mike Hamby - Tristan
Demi Harman Demi Harman - Sarah
Craig Ingham Craig Ingham - Pete
Joey Kingman Joey Kingman - (voice)
Pennyanne Lace Pennyanne Lace - Victoria (as Penny Anne Hoffmann)
Meisha Lowe Meisha Lowe - Kim
John Maila John Maila - Creature
Sarah McKinlay Sarah McKinlay - Michelle
Michelle Middlemiss Michelle Middlemiss - Robyn

Actress Demi Harman's characater Sarah was created after it was decided to re-shoot Pete's death scene.

Make up to create the creature took 15 hours as prosthetics and full body make up were applied, including hand painting a full body Samoan tattoo on actor John Maila.

Filming the scenes when Jodie runs in to the water to escape the attacking creature the temperature dropped to -3 degrees centigrade.

Sally's positive pregnancy test was provided by actress Kristy Hamby (Jodie) who was three months pregnant at the time of filming.

The cast and crew got a real taste of horror when confronted by a shotgun wielding neighbor on location.

In the opening sequence the woman's name is revealed as 'Eseta' in her diary. She was named after writer/director Tana Smith's late aunt Eseta Tapusoa who had raised him in Samoa. She sadly had passed away two years earlier in New Zealand.