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The Ranch Girl's Choice (1912) HD online

The Ranch Girl's Choice (1912) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Western
Original Title: The Ranch Girlu0027s Choice
Director: Al Christie
Released: 1912
Video type: Movie
While Bess, the ranch owner's daughter, is on her way to town, her horse goes lame. Bud, a wandering cowboy, happens along at this moment and takes a stone out of the horse's hoof. The girl hands him a flower, which Tom, the foreman of her father's ranch, had given her. They part, the girl to go to town, the boy to go on his way looking for work. He stops at a sign reading: "Cowboys wanted at the Circle K Ranch." On arriving at the ranch, the foreman takes a dislike to him, recognizing the flower the cowboy is wearing as the one he had given Bess. The owner of the ranch, however, likes the boy's looks and engages him, much to the dissatisfaction of the foreman. Bess returns home and is delighted to find the young puncher employed on her father's ranch. The foreman, observing the growing friendship between Bud and the girl, makes Bud's lot a hard one, calling him down whenever an opportunity presents itself and finally discharges him. Bess's father, when he hears of this action, ...
Cast overview:
George Field George Field - Bud
Victoria Forde Victoria Forde - Bess
Russell Bassett Russell Bassett - Tom - Ranch Foreman
Lee Moran Lee Moran