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Decoy Dream Fix (1957– ) HD online

Decoy Dream Fix (1957– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Crime
Original Title: Dream Fix
Director: Teddy Sills
Writers: Steven Gardner
Released: 1957–
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Casey poses as a nurse in a sanatorium to trace the source of a stream of illegal narcotics.
Episode cast overview:
Beverly Garland Beverly Garland - Casey Jones
Phyllis Newman Phyllis Newman - Joanne Kittredge
Les Damon Les Damon - Larry Kittredge
Simon Oakland Simon Oakland - Lieutenant
Henry Beckman Henry Beckman - Frank Bandiner
Alfred Hinckley Alfred Hinckley - Tiny

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    Garland and lead actress Phyllis Newman look enough alike to be sisters. Actually that helps plot development since Joanne (Newman) is hooked on heroin while Jones works to get her off by impersonating a nurse at the treatment center. Thus a kind of unstated bond develops. The entry has more interest than suspense as Joanne goes through withdrawals while seeking a fix from her secret supplier. So the question is which direction will win out. Drugs had been a rather taboo topic in movies and TV until Man With A Golden Arm (1955) and A Hatful of Rain (1957). Thus this episode may be one of the first drug exposures to appear on TV drama.

    By this point in the series, it's apparent the producers want to concentrate on crime topics mainly involving women and their concerns, unlike the usual series of the time. Here, it's a woman addict instead of the usual man. All in all, it's a highly emotional entry with an ending that's something of a stretch. For old time TV watchers, it remains a chance to catch Newman doing high drama rather than her usual panel shows like What's My Line (1968-73).