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The Witch (1913) HD online

The Witch (1913) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: The Witch
Director: O.A.C. Lund
Released: 1913
Duration: 30min
Video type: Movie
Selectman Marsh, a miserly elder, is in love with Mary Martin, daughter of Widow Martin, but she resents his attentions. Governor Brent, a stranger in the village, comes across her in the woods as she is trying to evade Marsh. He carries her basket and together they walk to the widow's cottage. The governor is called away to a distant conclave so suddenly that Mary, who has not even learned his name or where he has gone, is grieved. In order to carry out his plan of getting Mary married to him. Marsh resorts to a stratagem and accuses the widow, who dispenses remedies to her neighbors, of witchcraft. When a little girl neighbor, who has been eating too many green apples, becomes sick, the widow is accused of her ailment. She is at once placed in jail. Marsh comes to extend his sympathy and says that he will use his influence in getting her out if she will consent to have her daughter marry him. She refuses and appeals to the acting governor, who, although willing to help her at first,...
Cast overview:
Alec B. Francis Alec B. Francis - Selectman Marsh - the Miser
Mildred Bright Mildred Bright - Mary Martin
Robert Frazer Robert Frazer - Governor Brent
Julia Stuart Julia Stuart - Widow Martin
Frederick Truesdell Frederick Truesdell - (as Fred C. Truesdell)

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    Longitude Temporary

    A three-reel offering, depicting the days of witchcraft with great fidelity. Alec Francis does some notable character work in the part of the miserly Marsh; Mildred Bright, a newcomer in moving pictures, plays the part of the heroine with feeling and intelligence; Robert Frazer, Julia Stuart and Fred Truesdale also appear to advantage. The story is consistent and strongly presented. The costuming and settings are satisfactory throughout and the atmosphere of superstition and bigotry is well suggested. The story could have been told in two reels, but the interest is sustained throughout. The offering as a whole is a notable one and certain to please the average audience. - The Moving Picture World, June 28, 1913