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The Gravy Train (1974) HD online

The Gravy Train (1974) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama
Original Title: The Gravy Train
Director: Jack Starrett
Writers: Bill Kerby,Terrence Malick
Released: 1974
Duration: 1h 34min
Video type: Movie
Two rural West Virginia brothers leave home, rob an armored car and become fugitives.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Stacy Keach Stacy Keach - Calvin Dion
Frederic Forrest Frederic Forrest - Russell (Rut) Dion
Margot Kidder Margot Kidder - Margie
Barry Primus Barry Primus - Tony
Richard Romanus Richard Romanus - Carlo
Denny Miller Denny Miller - Rex
Clay Tanner Clay Tanner - Bather
Robert Phillips Robert Phillips - Gino
Owen Orr Owen Orr - Cannery Foreman
Jack Starrett Jack Starrett - Gentleman Rancher (as Claude Ennis Starrett Jr.)
Francesca Bellini Francesca Bellini - Receptionist
Al Hansen Al Hansen - Police Captain
Joe Tornatore Joe Tornatore - Sergeant
Mary L. Honaker Mary L. Honaker - Mother
Don Edwards Don Edwards - Driver

Jack Starrett replaced original director Terrence Malick.

The title was changed from "The Gravy Train" to "The Dion Brothers" after audiences at sneak previews and other early screenings indicated that they thought the original name sounded like a movie about dog food (Gravy Train being the name of a well-known American pet food).

Martin Scorsese was attached to direct but pulled out to do Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974).

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    Unfortunately this original mix of action and laughs is kept from cinema fans as it sits rotting in the Columbia vaults for all eternity. A shame since this may be Jack Starrett's strongest film and features a witty script by a young Terrence Malick and fully realized performances by its two leads Stacey Keach and Frederic Forrest who turn to a life of crime so they can get the money to open a seafood restaurant. Many standout scenes include interrogation by bathtub and electric razor, and an intense shootout in an abandoned building as it's being torn down by a wrecking ball!
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    I managed to record THE DION BROTHERS, off broadcast TV, (with the commercials), back in the early 80s. I've loaned it to many friends, all of whom agree it's one of the best B "bandit" movies ever made. One day, while walking to my NYC apartment, I saw Stacy Keach shooting a scene for his TV series, Mickey Spilane. We had a moment to chat, and I told him how much I enjoyed THE DION BROS, and considered it a pure classic. He thanked me, and said it was one of the best, and most memorable film experiences of his career. He was very friendly, and sincere, and I was grateful for the few moments he took to chat with a fan. This is one classic that needs to be on DVD.
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    Considering this film was released 8 years before I was born, I don't feel too bad for over-looking it for such a long time. Back in January of 98 though, I attended the Second Annual Quentin Tarantino film fest held in Austin,Texas. The particular theme of films this night was "Neglected 70's Crime Films" and boy was her right. "The Gravy Train(or The Dion Brothers, as it appeared this print)" was an absolute gem. Wonderful performances, quirky characters, smart plot, hilarious comedy, and just an all around great time. Rarely do you see a Crime film that is so entertaining and fresh. Margot Kidder in one of her earliest film appearances is extremely sexy as well. I hope some cable network gets a hold of this film and allows many more to see it. In the meantime, go to an indie video store and hope they have it.
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    Another one that slipped by the radar of most anyone. This little B produced gem is so full of new ideas in an old genre and so absolutely refreshing and inventive, that a dreadful feeling about the lack of cojones in today's cinema slowly overtakes your body. The final set piece is so innovative in its setting and style that it prefigures everyone from Tarantino to John Woo. Oh, and if you think "dying lines" are all cliche, wait for the dying line of FF. A piece of dialogue that could have torn you with laughter will take your heart. A true pleasure. Seek it and see it. You won't be sorry.
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    These immortal lines begin The Jack Starret directed masterpiece,'The Dion Brothers'. The plot centers around two blue collar West Virginian brothers (Stacy Keach and Frederic Forrest) who commit robberies in hopes of using the money to open a seafood restaurant!!? What follows is quite an adventure, and many comedic events ensue. The action scenes are all top notch and consist of some nicely realized shootouts. The latter of which is absolutely amazing and occurs in an abandoned building being demolished by a wrecking ball! The film was written by now famous director Terrence Malick and features an early appearance by Margot Kidder. All in all, an excellent hidden gem of the 70s and easily one of the finest action/comedy hybrids every made. Hopefully it gets a decent widescreen DVD release soon.
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    I try to describe this movie to people or ask them if they've seen it and I always sound like a wombat. I just remember laughing myself wet the last time I saw it, sometime around 1985. I remember Stacey Keach or Frederick Forrest threatening some guy with a live lobster, and I remember the guy in the bathtub more annoyed than scared when they were dipping the plugged-in razor in the water. "I don't even know those guys!!" he wails as they leave. No, they don't make them like this anymore, and it's shameful. I truly think Tarantino might have been inspired by this movie when he and Clooney played the Gecko brothers in "From Dusk Til Dawn', only these brothers were A lot more fun. Pitiful, too, if it is locked away in some vault. It's the kind of movie that would turn up on FLIX at 4AM on a work night. And that's not a BAD thing...
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    Man! I saw this flick when it first came out in '74. Was watching "Apocalypse Now" the other day and recognized Frederic Forrest (Chef). Then I remembered that he was in some movie with Stacy Keach and Richard Romanus where he portrayed Keach's younger and, shall we say, "less worldly" brother. One part that sticks out was when he met Richard Romanus' character--it was funny in that it was the first time Forrest's character had met a Hispanic person who wasn't Mexican. The movie is definitely "must see" material. Hopefully it will be out on DVD soon
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    This interesting lost film (written by Terence Malick) stars Stacy Keach and Frederic Forrest as two wacky, Southern brothers on a quest to open a seafood restaurant. Margot Kidder was never prettier and Forrest should have been nominated. Originally titled The Dion Brothers, this light-hearted flick with a violent ending is a pure joy!

    Where is this film? I've been searching for it for 30 years. Keach was still great back then and I'm surprised it doesn't have more of a cult following (maybe it does). These guys are a crack-up with more ambition than brains, but totally lovable dudes!. A 7 out of 10. If you can dig it up somewhere, you'll have fun.
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    I used to catch this quirky product of the 1970s late at night on KTRK, Houston's ABC affiliate. I could never let this little gem go by without trying to catch a little of it and usually couldn't let go of it once I started.

    Stacy Keach is the more "sophisticated" of the two Dion brothers, simply because he has chosen to sample the world outside their West Virginia coal mining community. He quits his factory job and returns to lure his bumpkin brother (played wonderfully by Waxahachie, Texas native Fredric Forrest) into a scheme to establish a seafood restaurant. The trouble is, the restaurant is to be financed via an armored car robbery with a gang that includes Denny Miller and Richard Romanus. Romanus double crosses the group and the Dion brothers take out after him. Yeah, Margot Kidder shows up but so does stuntman, director, writer & actor Hal Needham in an uncredited role as a guy in a bathtub.
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    I happened to catch about the last 45 minutes of the movie,late night about 8 years ago. What a wild and funny 45 minutes.I was absolutely knocked out by chase-shoot-out at the end that takes place at night ,inside an old hotel that's being torn down with a wrecking ball....Incredible. I vaguely remember Stacy Keach ,stealing a cop car, faking being a cop and strong arming some winos....Wino to Keach"Hey,why Ya hasslin us?...Keach"It's my job".You're correct. They don't make them like that anymore.Great movie. The golden70's...Hopefully it will see the light of day as a DVD along with other lost treasures...Hickey and Boggs being one such.
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    I've tried to remember the name of this movie for years and years. Finally, read something today, 03/09/2005, that mentioned Stacy Keach's name, and it reminded me that I had seen a movie that he was in in 1974 at the Atlanta Film Festival, so, I did a Google search for Keach's movies and found The Gravy Train. We were supposed to see Duddy Kravitz at the film festival, but for some reason they were unable to show it, and instead substituted The Gravy Train. We were terribly disappointed that we weren't going to be able to see the much hyped Duddy Kravitz, and had heard nothing of The Gravy Train, and have heard nothing of it since.

    However, I recall we were pleasantly surprised at how good the movie was, and as I recall, it was quite humorous. Would love to find it on tape.
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    why won't IFC ,Sundance,TV Land or Bravo rescue the Hundreds of Classic movies that sit in vaults in Hollywood while we are forced to watch mediocre films for rookie hollwood film school wannabe's...Matt & Ben , and Vince & Jon...are Not takin any risks...nor are they pushing anything but their own type of one dimensional portraits stuck in the Material World of INSTANT GRATIFICATION....They want it ALL NOW! when will be over this drought of creativity? Am I the only one who senses that we are in the age of cookie cuter movie-making, by people who have arrived and risen to star status overnight, and they don't dare lose any money & power by working with quality scripts that call for real acting ability.
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    This was the best film I have seen in a long while.

    From the moment I start to play online this film it was very compelling from the off.

    Kirk Douglas was just amazing throughout the film and is one of my favourite actors.

    The initial plot is pretty cool and the film starts quickly, without a long build up before anything interesting happens.

    As the film started to get into the middle this is when I thought "bingo I'm onto a great film here I must watch this again", as I was enjoying it so much.

    As the film get towards the end and the main characters start to play their parts you can see why this film is so highly rated for free on the internet.

    The end sequence is one of the best ends to a movie we have ever seen, and well worth waiting for.

    As the final few scenes take place, all of the plot begins to make sense properly.

    With a good few laughs rolled into the bargain helped make us enjoy playing this film.

    We would definitely recommend for free that you watch this film online, and then hopefully you will also think "Bingo I have found a great film here in The Gravy Train"