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Star Trek: Voyager Parallax (1995–2001) HD online

Star Trek: Voyager Parallax (1995–2001) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Parallax
Director: Kim Friedman
Writers: Gene Roddenberry,Rick Berman
Released: 1995–2001
Duration: 46min
Video type: TV Episode
Voyager has set a course for home, repairs are underway, and it's time to pick personnel to fill vital crew positions. Tempers are turbulent as the Starfleet crew absorbs the undisciplined Maquis. Neelix finds his place as chef and Kes builds the airponics bay. Paris does double duty as Conn Officer and Field Medic. Chakotay recommends Torres for Chief Engineer, but Janeway isn't convinced she can exhibit the professionalism of a Starfleet officer. All must put opinions aside when Voyager mounts a rescue of a ship caught in a quantum singularity, only to find the ship in distress is Voyager itself.
Episode cast overview:
Kate Mulgrew Kate Mulgrew - Captain Kathryn Janeway
Robert Beltran Robert Beltran - Commander Chakotay
Roxann Dawson Roxann Dawson - Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres (as Roxann Biggs-Dawson)
Jennifer Lien Jennifer Lien - Kes
Robert Duncan McNeill Robert Duncan McNeill - Lieutenant Tom Paris
Ethan Phillips Ethan Phillips - Neelix
Robert Picardo Robert Picardo - The Doctor
Tim Russ Tim Russ - Lieutenant Tuvok
Garrett Wang Garrett Wang - Ensign Harry Kim
Martha Hackett Martha Hackett - Seska
Josh Clark Josh Clark - Lieutenant Joe Carey
Justin Williams Justin Williams - Jarvin

Tuvok is wearing the pips of a Lieutenant Commander even though his rank in the first season was Lieutenant. He was not promoted to commander until much later.

In this episode, Seska is wearing a blue sciences division uniform but is sitting at the engineering station on the bridge. She appears in a yellow operations division uniform in later episodes. Martha Hackett has since stated that, in this episode, she was mistakenly costumed in the wrong color uniform.

The shuttlecraft was named for Valentina Tereshkova, a Russian cosmonaut who became the first woman into space.

This episode is a bottle show, the first such installment of Star Trek: Voyager.

47-references: the Doctor has been designed with the experience of 47 individual medical officers. Also, monitor input 47 is the Captain's emergency medical holograph channel.

Josh Clark appeared as a tactical officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D in the Star Trek: The Next Generation first season episode "Justice". Seven years later he portrayed the recurring character Lieutenant Joe Carey in seven episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. Given the time frames of TNG and VOY, it is possible that this unnamed officer is Carey, assuming a later transfer to Engineering division and departure from the Enterprise-D prior to 2371.

This episode marks the first appearances of both a Type 8 shuttlecraft as well as Voyager's shuttlebay.

First appearance of the starship's conference room.

Look closely at B'Elanna's cranial ridges. The prosthetic piece that Roxann Dawson is wearing was not perfectly matched to her natural skin tone and the outline is clearly visible.

A graphic of this episode's singularity was created for the episode but was ultimately not used here, subsequently being reserved as stock animation in case it was ever needed in later episodes.

This takes place in 2371.

The episode had the working title "Deep Time".

The Voyager's holodeck runs on an undisclosed, unknown, new type of incompatible power source. "The holodeck's energy matrix, it just isn't compatible with the other power systems."

Reviews: [5]

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    Having introduced the characters in the opening double episode it is now time to see how the combined Star Fleet/Maquis crew will interact; at first it looks as if they will not work well at all when B'Elanna seriously injures Star Fleet engineer Lieutenant Carey who is the captain's preferred choice to be the next chief engineer. Chakotay has other ideas however and recommends that B'Elanna should be given the job. When Voyager finds itself caught on the event horizon of a black hole it calls for radical ideas and B'Elanna's successful ideas lead to her being given the job despite objections from some of the Star Fleet crew.

    This episode lacks the excitement of the series opener but features good character development for B'Elanna, we also see the beginning of Kes's friendship with the Doctor when she asks for his help in setting up a hydroponics bay and unlike everybody else she treats him like a real person.
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    Early on in the series, Lt. Torres sure looks like a much angrier version of Tasha Yar. She was so angry that the character seemed a bit ridiculous--and this is all part of the teething process in introducing her character. She certainly is not subtle in this particular show! This affects the overall quality of the show as does the fact that there are no aliens in this episode--just a 'quantum whatchamacallit' and a mirror image Voyager. Kind of dull stuff compared to other episodes, though I did have a laugh watching the Captain and her reactions to Torres. All in all, not a bad episode at all and it shows promise--but also one that is a bit tough to love.
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    The characters Kes and B'Elanna are further developed in this second Voyager episode. "I have a huge chip on my shoulder and I hope it annoys you" B'Elanna Torres breaks the nose of the senior officer Carey in the engineering department.; nonetheless Chakotay tries to convince Captain Janeway that Torres is the best choice for Chief Engineer. Given that we know that she will be the ongoing series character and not Lieutenant Carey, it's not too hard to figure out who will become Chief Engineer as implausible as that is. She is clearly the more brilliant engineer but her little leadership speech ("I hope I can count on you…") to Lt. Carey at the end of the show sounds insincere and unconvincing. The Ocampan Kes befriends the doctor and is, as intended, a very likable character who nicely offsets the B'Elanna character. The Voyager is in danger of being sucked into a collapsing star. This is where B'Elanna shows off her engineering brilliance and comes up with a solution to their predicament. I particularly liked the discussion between Captain Janeway and B'Elanna regarding whether the mirror image was on the port side or starboard. A solid, if flawed, entry in the series.
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    I'm afraid that my lack of scientific knowledge leaves me a bit confused by the various spacial obstructions encountered by these starships. In this one, there is an anomaly that has to do with the time/space continuum. It presents a formidable obstacle for the a ship that has just found its way out of a previous engagement. The focus here, however, is the role of chief engineer being coveted by Torres, who lets her emotions get the best of her at times. The episode starts with her breaking the nose of the current chief of engineering. This is a well constructed episode, demanding that Voyager be used as a battering ram. Good human encounters, but it is still pretty preachy. Like Kirk in he original, we often pause and listen to the Captain deliver something pithy.
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    After the season pilot for "Voyager", the show set out to build the characters, using odd space anomalies among other black holes, quantum abnormalities, and nebula as McGuffens, backdrop dangers to further tell stories on adapting to being "lost in a mysterious quadrant". In the second episode, Thomas Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill) proves his mettle as a "pilot" while B'Elanna Torres (Roxann Dawson) has trouble taking orders in Engineering while her former Maquis commander, Chakotay (Robert Beltran), works to promote her to the chief if Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) will approve. Tension is high as those who served under Chakotay for the Maquis tell him privately they would support him in a mutiny if he so chooses. Chakotay, though, wants the Maquis officers and Starfleet officers to acclimate themselves into a cohesive unit…easier said than done.

    However, this whole event horizon situation where the Voyager is unable to escape a quantum singularity (a type of black hole) could be Torres' chance to prove herself as a worthy candidate for the Chief Engineering position. Janeway challenges Chakotay, to see all officers under command and him functioning as her proper second, without playing favorites. So the show was still clear on its flawed characters and indifference among the crew, as Torres has her share of problems with the Federation officers, particular senior officer, Carey (Josh Clark), who she punches in the face during a disagreement! Janeway and Chakotay were still at odds although there was real respect shared between them, and the captain is willing to listen to her second in command with suggestions. Neelix and Kes prove to be valuable additions to the crew, as the former knows the quadrant quite well and the latter has a brilliant mind offering suggestions on organic food production due to a lack of energy resources.

    The ship's holographic medical doctor, which is activated or deactivated when needed in Sickbay, played by Robert Picardi, suffers from "shrinking" and has requested assistance (but his condition is consider of less importance because of the quantum singularity). There is a brief exchange between Picardi and Kes (Jennifer Lien) that will become a nice friendship that develops. The shuttlecraft trip to the "crack" of the singularity, hoping to open it and escape, with Janeway and Torres, allows them to come to a place of understanding…the conclusion has the two of them having to figure out which Voyager (the singularity produces two Voyagers, with one a basic "time delay" duplicate of the other) is the right one to board! The science of the show can be a bit confusing and challenging (I often have to research the meanings behind the space and time complications facing the Voyager just so I can leave each episode not completely mentally overloaded!), but the characters are quite compelling, and the Voyager's dilemma in the Delta Quadrant trying to return to the Alpha Quadrant produces plenty of unpredictable journeys/missions.

    This episode does continue to establish the unease that exists on the ship between the Starfleet and it is a work in progress. As Captain of the Voyager, Janeway shows that she's willing to listen and her patience, exuberant passion when answers come that might resolve crises, and ability to command despite impending obstacles (think about the constant problems that exist in being away from the Federation...) are commendable attributes.