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Nora (2010) HD online

Nora (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: Nora
Director: Martin Jabs
Writers: Martin Jabs
Released: 2010
Duration: 1h 10min
Video type: Movie
Nora loves wasps and hates piano music. And Nora is going to die soon. This is what the doctors say, but Nora just seems to stay alive - despite her physical and mental disabilities, she now became 30, outliving her loving mother and grandmother. She has never realized their death - her brother, however, makes a film about the loss and turns out to be closer to his sister than he realizes himself. Spanning a time of five years, this 70 minute portrait traces the dramatic changes in this once lively family as Nora's cheerful character remains unaware of all and ever the happy same.
Cast overview:
Eichhorn Family Eichhorn Family
Elenore Marziniak Elenore Marziniak