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Ritratti (2012) HD online

Ritratti (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: Ritratti
Director: Michele Tarzia,Vincenzo Vecchio
Writers: Michele Tarzia,Vincenzo Vecchio
Released: 2012
Duration: 11min
Video type: Movie
A short film on migration in its journey dimension, in opposition with the motionlessness of a community that remains sealed in its territory, giving up the idea of being affected by different places and cultures. Travel is a constant interaction and imaginary connection with places that are diverse, yet always the same in their isolation, regardless of whether this isolation is intentional or not. It presents the portraits of several women, as the preferred interlocutors and as a reference for a possible life.
Credited cast:
Valentina Albanese Valentina Albanese
Emanuela Lo Giudice Emanuela Lo Giudice
Ettore Pensabene Ettore Pensabene