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Compassion (1927) HD online

Compassion (1927) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama
Original Title: Compassion
Director: Victor Adamson,Norval MacGregor
Writers: Beth Slater Whitson
Released: 1927
Duration: 1h
Video type: Movie
Alcoholic former artist David Stanley and impoverished violinist Judith Deering appear before Judge Henning. After the kindly judge dismisses the petty charges against the pair, Judith finds a job, after which she secretly sends money to David, using the judge as an intermediary. David soon stops drinking and successfully resumes his career. Meanwhile, Judith discovers that her new employer, Thomas Carter, has designs on her. She tries to leave him, but cannot, because her leaving would harm a friend who is a cabaret dancer. When David learns that Judith is his benefactor, and is in danger, he goes to her rescue.
Cast overview:
Gaston Glass Gaston Glass - David Stanley
Alma Bennett Alma Bennett - Judith Deering
Josef Swickard Josef Swickard - Judge Henning
J. Frank Glendon J. Frank Glendon
Doris May Doris May - Little Jester
Grace Dalton Grace Dalton - Gloria
Lillian Langdon Lillian Langdon - Madame Gabrielle
Rolfe Sedan Rolfe Sedan
Ernest Hilliard Ernest Hilliard - Carter