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Sentenced for Love (2004) HD online

Sentenced for Love (2004) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Original Title: Sentenced for Love
Director: Kamran Qureshi
Writers: Zafar Meraj,Horace Nightingale
Released: 2004
Budget: £3,000
Duration: 42min
Video type: Movie
Jamal, a doctor, was brought up and educated by her single mother who got widowed when Jamal was only seven. She worked in people's houses as maid and earned to make their living and for Jamal's education. She passes a hard time for her son. When Jamal became a doctor, he showed his Mom the picture of a girl who then arranged his marriage. The girl was very obedient, good wife and daughter in law who started doing all the housework telling mother in law to only sit on the bed and rest. Mother was used to of working all the time. Sitting and doing nothing was not acceptable for her. She asked Jamal to tell his wife not to forbid her from working. But Saima was not ready. She thought people will tease her if she will let the old lady work. Jamal's mother got sick and stuck to bed. He couldn't diagnose the problem. Saima told him that Mom had head lice and she doesn't even let her touch her head. Jamal told her to use some shampoo but she said Mom usually remains angry with her. Jamal ...


Credited cast:
M.D. Gull M.D. Gull - Police constable
Rameez Kamran Rameez Kamran
Nadir Kareem Nadir Kareem
Azam Khan Azam Khan - Lawyer
Hareem Qureshi Hareem Qureshi - Baby
Humayun Saeed Humayun Saeed - Jamal
Zaheen Tahira Zaheen Tahira - Jamal's Mother
Tehreem Zuberi Tehreem Zuberi - Saima