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Hart to Hart: Harts in High Season (1996) HD online

Hart to Hart: Harts in High Season (1996) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Original Title: Hart to Hart: Harts in High Season
Director: Christian I. Nyby II
Writers: Sidney Sheldon,Mart Crowley
Released: 1996
Duration: 1h 31min
Video type: Movie
When his old enemy Elliot Manning goes missing in Australia, Jonathan Hart is suspected by the Australian police of having done away with him. With help from his wife, Jonathan turns sleuths in order to prove himself innocent. The couple go through a few adventures while trying to clear Jonathan's name.
Credited cast:
Stefanie Powers Stefanie Powers - Jennifer Hart
Robert Wagner Robert Wagner - Jonathan Hart
James Brolin James Brolin - Elliott Manning
Ursula Karven Ursula Karven - Lisa Brandt
Scott McRae Scott McRae - Johnny
Simon Westaway Simon Westaway - Bully
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ron Blanchard Ron Blanchard - Harvey's Neighbor
Brandon Burke Brandon Burke
Paul Goddard Paul Goddard - Harry
Ken Goodlet Ken Goodlet - Minister
Keith Holloway Keith Holloway - Street Bum
Frank Leiago Frank Leiago - Police Detective
Roslyn Oades Roslyn Oades - Parking Attendant
Emmanuel Yarborough Emmanuel Yarborough - Tonga (as Emanuel Yarbrough)

Reviews: [3]

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    the movie is watchable but poorly written.

    it seemed like they just stuck to a basic outline when making this telefilm as the story is missing several key elements of a crime of this sort.

    for example, foul play is suspected in the death of a multi-millionaire and there is no press interest?

    it also lacks a substantial police investigation.

    i could go on, but there's really no point.

    if your desperate for some Hart to Hart action, then i would suggest you seek out episodes of the TV series.

    if this is the only thing on t.v., then i would suggest you read a book or do something creative(like going on the internet and writing a sub-par review of a blase film - hahahaha)

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    deadly claw

    The only attraction of "Harts in High Season" is Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers. Despite having aged a good 20 years since their hit TV series "Hart to Hart", they look the same. Their on-screen chemistry is good as ever. Otherwise, this movie is quite bad. Jonathan Hart (Robert Wagner) has to clear his name after being framed in Australia for what seems to be a murder. But he and his wife do not seem to be perturbed by this circumstance as they go about trying to resolve it. Both Wagner and Powers don't seem to be taking their roles seriously. While trying to prove Jonathan's innocence, the couple get into several sticky situations. Yet there is no suspense in this flick. The film's end is cliched. And unnecessary, as the Harts' troubles are essentially over 30 minutes before the film ends. I suppose the director had to stretch the film's length by half an hour with a "filler". There is also a 7 foot, 400 pound black villain named Tonga who seems to be there solely to be a racial stereotype.

    This telefilm could have been an enjoyable light-hearted adventure. It had the right ingredients, namely the actors, the exotic Australian locale and a good though hackneyed plot.
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    This was one of those movies you would watch if you liked the original series. It is dire in the extreme. You keep thinking something exciting is going to happen throughout and it never does. Perhaps one should have been wary of the vanity "Producer: Stefanie Powers" credit at the start of the show; followed up after 120 minutes of pure snooze by "Executive Producer: Robert Wagner". There is no pace in the show nor any sense of intrigue or danger. It seems to be a way to showcase Sydney and the Sydney Opera House. It really makes you wonder how something like this ever got produced. Save two hours of your life and avoid.