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The Book of Daniel (2013) HD online

The Book of Daniel (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / History
Original Title: The Book of Daniel
Director: Anna Zielinski
Writers: Chuck Konzelman,Cary Solomon
Released: 2013
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
In 605 B.C. Jerusalem was conquered by the Babylonians and many of their best young men were taken into captivity, including Daniel. Daniel was taken to Babylon to serve it. As Powerful King , Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel as an example of boldness and faithfulness to God in the most difficult circumstances had eternal impact on the people and the kings that he encountered.


Credited cast:
Robert Miano Robert Miano - Old Daniel
Andrew Bongiorno Andrew Bongiorno - Daniel
Lance Henriksen Lance Henriksen - Cyrus
Kevin McCorkle Kevin McCorkle - Croesus
Rolf Saxon Rolf Saxon - Nebuchadnezzar
Peter Kluge Peter Kluge - Darius
Liam Matthews Liam Matthews - Hootan
Ben Maccabee Ben Maccabee - Basha
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Alice Amter Alice Amter - Itani
Philip Anthony-Rodriguez Philip Anthony-Rodriguez - Belshazzar
Kevin Blake Kevin Blake - Ashpenaz
Drew Cardillo Drew Cardillo - Meshach
Francesco Curá Francesco Curá - Darius's Soldier (as Francis J. Cura)
Alton Demore Alton Demore - Nebuchadnezzar's Body Servant
Anthony L. Fernandez Anthony L. Fernandez - Roman Guard

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    First I will let you know that I'm a Christian, but I'm also a huge movie fan and in my opinion most Christian movies are not that good.

    The Book of Daniel isn't perfect, but I feel it is well acted, fairly well written and stays true to the story.

    While there are no real special effects and it is a low budget movie, that doesn't make it bad.

    Daniel is a person in the Bible that really hasn't had too many turns on the small or big screen, and this is a pretty decent attempt at telling his story and God's story of love for all people.

    If you go into this movie with an open mind, instead of rejecting it because it is a Biblical movie, you may enjoy it.
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    Some of the reviewers for this movie seem to be prejudiced against a biblical movie production. Well, we live in such times where it is popular to dislike anything to do with the creator of the universe. But just like Daniel told the truth to the kings he served, this movie tells the truth better than any Hollywood production ever made. (even "The Ten Commandments" with Charlton Heston.) The is the new #1 Hollywood biblical production. Filmed with excellent and prominent actors and actresses, celebrities and performers. A "Must See" for believers and non-believers alike. This biblical story stands on it's own, even on a tight budget. Bible stories do not require expensive special effects to convey the message. Bravo!!!
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    Ignore the negative reviews. This is very accurate and a true account of the book of Daniel. It has not been ruined by terrible cgi or acting. It is well made and focusing on the facts and the prophecies. HIGHLY Recommended. It has no unnecessary special effects, no added. Acting is good, with some famous actors. content and no over the top scenes. If you want the real story, watch this film. It even has bishops from aliens playing Cyrus! Props are well made and accurate too as are costumes. Feels like a documentary and film in one. It covers Daniels whole life span. It was really good how the prophecies were told too, especially the one about the statue with a head of gold (babylon), shoulders of silver (medes and Persians), chest of bronze (greece), legs of iron (roman) and feet of iron and clay (today). Watch it.
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    A superb retelling on the life of Daniel. Considering the budget/restrictions making a low budget film, this movie shines. Excellent acting from Robert Miano, Lance Henrickson and Andrew Bongiorno carry the piece. First time director Zelinski does a good job.The writing is rock solid and very impressive. When you consider this piece, think about the garbage Hollywood spews forth today. Expensive with pretty pictures and ugly stories. This is the complete opposite. I wish Hollywood would go back to making movies rather than political propaganda films. I want to be moved emotionally when I go to see a movie. I want to laugh or cry or remember, not be indoctrinated. this movie reminded me of what a film can be. I highly recommend it.
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    I went looking for a dramatic treatment of Daniel, and this gem awaited me. They clearly did not have an unlimited budget, but the film is no less impacting.

    The movie benefits from being true to the scriptures. Of course, creative liberties were taken, but they do not detract from the integrity of the story.

    The quality of the acting varies a bit. The two most important characters - Daniel young and old - are very good. The actors playing the various kings get the job done.

    Most pleasing of all is the spiritual depth. One can get the plot right yet still not convey the underlying spiritual truths. That is not the case here. We see the kings in their process of discovering that the God of the Hebrews is the true and living God, and one after another comes to worship Him. We see not only Daniel's wisdom and spiritual giftedness on display, but his integrity of character as well. All who are faithful will find themselves in a "lion's den" of one sort or another, when our faith is really put to the test. And that particular scene here was very memorable, calling to mind Briton Riviere's amazing oil panting of the event.

    This is the kind of movie you can watch many times, for it is more than mere entertainment, it is food for the soul. Everyone connected with the movie should enjoy rich satisfaction for a job well done indeed.
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    I really don't normally go in for promoting blind faith in any way, but as a piece of entertainment that tells a great story with exceptional special effects : I have to tell you this is a good movie. Fantastic special effects barely touches on how nice they have made this Babylon look, and feel. Nothing ever feels fake, just well told. The sound is excellent, and all channels are represented, you will be surprised more than once by a rustle, or the clink of a chain. From start to finish you get the feeling that a lot of effort went into this project, and very little of that was wasted. I don't know your faith, and I care even less, but as a strong well told story with a lot of good effects, and acting I think most people will Enjoy this movie. Also it is rare to get any English speaking stories that show Persians as anything this three dimensional.
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    I ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ

    For those who wish to see biblical movies this is a real treat. The story is well done even if some of the acting is flawed, e.g. One of the wise men of Babylon looks and talks like the comedian Galager smashing watermelons. I view this movie in the context of available biblical movies if you come from the perspective of the spoiled movie watching public of today and have little knowledge of the bible then the movie is poor. But for us who watch every biblical movie its not "One Knight with the King" or Charlton Heston's the "Ten Commandments" but it is second tier and one of the most enjoyable bible movies off all time. Enjoy all who have bible knowledge and have seen all the biblical movies. You'll appreciate this one greatly.
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    Little Devil

    This being a new movie, I had doubts about it, but after watching, I had to give this the full 10 stars. Biblically accurate, and well done. I found it hugely inspiring. For any one who is a devoted follower, you will find yourself wanting to persevere as Daniel did, and to live as he did, being loyal to all of commitments, but placing nothing before God, nor ever breaking God's laws. I cannot imagine anyone giving this movie a bad review. Of course, if one is contemptuous, and desires sensuality, or vulgar language, this is not a movie that one would enjoy.

    This is a movie, I will watch over, and over again. Thanks Chuck Konzelman, Cary Solomon, and Anna Zielinski. Well done!
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    I found this a helpful review of a key book in Hebrew Scripture, our Old Testament of the Bible.

    Daniel remains faithful to God in the face of an adverse and idolatrous culture, and is a good lesson for what we are beginning to face today. God sends his angels to protect his people.

    The movie presents Daniel, his 3 colleagues, and the four Kings of the East in a didactic manner, one that you may wish to show your Bible class.

    If you are looking for mindless Hollywood summer fare, this is not for you. This is a low-budget film designed to convey Daniel's interaction with the four Kings, and portrays primarily the first six chapters of the Book. The acting is quite sufficient.

    This is a presentation of the Pure Flix Ministry, the group that recently released the hit God's Not Dead.
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    like many Christian movies, it is not a show but an invitation. an invitation to discover the roots of your/neighbor faith. an invitation to discover, again, the Bible not only as religious book but as answer to common problems. and basic virtue of this adaptation is the delicate measure, the force of images, the wise acting who gives soul to a story who represents more than a story. it is easy to remember the usual note, almost pathetic of religious films. in this case the things are different and the secret is result of performance of each actor who reflects in his character art to build map of spiritual grow-up. not a great film. only necessary. as invitation to see reality more than a game.
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    sunrise bird

    The Book of Daniel dramatizes the Biblical record of the same name, and does so very well. Built primarily around the story of the Hebrew people's captivity in Babylon and under several different kings, the movie uses the narrative of its title character to portray how even when all seems lost, God is still with His own. The film is fundamentally quite well done, very well-written and refreshingly respectful of its Scriptural source, but as this is clearly a low budget production there are inevitably some cinematic weaknesses. There are no earth-shattering special effects and the overall sweep is somewhat limited. Quality of acting varies, though fortunately both of the actors portraying Daniel--Andrew Bongiorno as the "young" Daniel and Robert Miano as the "old" version of the same--are outstanding and capture the essence of the Biblical character excellently. Conversely, much of the rest of the cast seems a bit cobbled together, with a lot of bizarre American-English accents thrown into the supposedly Middle Eastern setting. Lance Henriksen is the most recognizable "name" actor in the cast, and while there's no doubt Henriksen is an outstanding performer it's questionable if he's the best choice to play the Persian King Cyrus, who holds a great respect for Daniel and fulfills Biblical prophecy by allowing the Hebrews to return to their homeland. It's also a bit disappointing the movie never explores the more Apocalyptic prophecies in the latter portions of the Biblical book, though including them would certainly have meant expanding the scope of the film considerably. But these are small criticisms, and overall The Book of Daniel is an inspiring and often moving cinematic portrayal of one of the most fascinating figures of the Old Testament. And the movie's overarching message--that God will always take care of His people, no matter how hostile or wicked the world around us seems to be-- remains a relevant one today and for all time.
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    Silver Globol

    "The Book of Daniel" surprised me. This movie has been in my Netflix cue for months. I kept passing it by suspecting it would be boring, like many other "religious movies". I love most of the popular movies; but, this is a non-blockbuster that I think is really good! Why? Maybe because it is faithful to its source -- The Book of Daniel.

    I got new appreciation of those fantastical stories: "Daniel in the Lions' Den", "The Fiery Furnace", and "The Handwriting on the Wall". More importantly, I got new insight to the Babylonian Captivity, Babylon's Kings and the person himself: Daniel.

    Again, this is not a "Hollywood Epic". Even though it's a low budget, modest presentation, it really works. I was engaged from its opening scene with a sword to the throat of Daniel, to its final scene which left "this Daniel" with a lump in his throat. (Know what I mean?)
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    I liked the movie and the minor details were very beautiful, i particularly liked the Daniel actor he is the man of the movie for me.
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    I beautiful, touching story. Very true to scripture. Every Christian must watch this movie.
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    This is the best movie abput the story of Daniel. It has some parts that needed to be add but I think this fulfills the center of the story.. Cast is perfect... The script and lines are awesome... It is my favorite ever...
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    Weak plot and presentation. It emphasizes the primitive belief of the old testament, from the eating of properly prepared meat to rejection of meat, because of their ignorance on proper preparation.

    Many think of this as part of Christianity but it is fact the early stories of the Jews.

    The acting was similar to a 1950's or 60's high school production. I would not call this Christian preaching just a poor production of a book from the Bible.

    There is no personality in the characters. They are two dimensional, flat with few expressions and ability.

    One of the oddest and metaphysical books in the Bible filled with brazen images and predictions yet nothing was relayed beyond bland dialog.

    Very much like a stage play.
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    I watch all Bible based movies available to me, half fall far short of my hopes for accuracy. This little low-budget gem won me over, so I purchased it for my library. Yes, there are some cheesy scenes looking out over Babylon, but they're few and short lived. Yes, some of the editing was careless (a bloodless sword being withdrawn from Belshazzar's body), but it is faithful to the story presented in the first six books of Daniel, and most of the performances are well done and sensitive to the characters.

    I find Bongiorno's younger Daniel as wonderful to watch as Miano's elder Daniel. Saxon's Nebuchadnezzar is a very nuanced performance (and my favorite of the four kings covered). If the magicians, enchanters, and sorcerers seem a bit campy, go grab a Coke from the fridge, and they'll be gone when you return.

    I give this production a ten for its effort, an eight for execution.

    NONE of this praise can translate to the horrible effort of PureFlix "Book of Esther", one of the worst Bible movies I've seen. That should have had a sword run clean through it. It nearly made me break out in hives for all it's egregious failures on every level.

    PureFlix movies can range from the great effort of Daniel, and Ruth, to the dregs of "Esther" and the mediocre "Blink of an Eye". I suggest viewing free before considering purchase. We all have different expectations for worthy viewing.
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    I was eager to see this film, and I purchased it based on your reviews here. All I have to say is shame on you, you know good and well that you are a part of this production, or media group to put up these bias reviews. I was very disappointed in the movie. Obviously no one knows how to properly light a scene, or set up the right camera angle. The costumes were made very poorly, it looks like it is from a Michaels craft store. For anyone to say the special effects were incredible you are lying. Don't lie; the effects were made with a free trial version of some cheap program. The set was obviously made by a church youth group, armed with daisy stencils from once again Michaels, what is up with the daisy stencil covering every square inch of the set. Every so called actor in this disaster came from either the church group or the neighborhood, and posses no professional skills. I try to always look for the best in everything and it appears that you did stay somewhat true to the story. Please don't try to make this out more than it is, which is just an amateur hack job high school talent festival. I am surprised you are not involved in a lawsuit, as you have stolen The Chronicles of Narnia lion on the cover, as well as other artwork.
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    If it wasn't for Rolf Saxon, i wouldn't have gotten the DVD for it. I'm not a biblical enthusiast or even knowledgeable about Daniel and his story as a prophet. The cast is first rate with Rolf Saxon as King Nebud; Lance Hendricksen as Cyrus; Leo Gallagher as the astrologer and other actors. The film was directed by a woman, rare these days. She seems knowledgeable about her subject and the film. First, there is a lot of dialogue on par with a Shakespearean drama. If you're not into biblical movies, you may not appreciate it as much. I enjoyed the features especially the bloopers and behind the scenes as well.
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    This work certainly has a deep respect for the source material and holds true to the mythology of Daniel. Unfortunately, the acting falls flat and is at times downright laughable with the notable exception of the main actor who plays "Old Daniel". I would have liked to see more true to life human reactions to the rather momentous actions taking place along with some deep explorations of humanity in the face of the inevitable rather than the wooden one-dimensional characters presented. It is worth watching if you are looking to get a better feel for the characters in the biblical myth this movie is based on and may even invoke a numinous pondering on the deeper theological questions underlying the literal narrative but don't expect to be blown away. However, flat acting aside, this is still a deeper movie than most of what is coming out of Hollywood.
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    to tell a well known story in the manner who gives to public not only a good adaptation but the feeling to be part of the story. that is the basic virtue of film. a director knowing remind characters and lines and the rhythm of words. a script who recreate the atmosphere. a form of fascination who is mark of the meeting with old Hollywood movies. and the circle of confession of Daniel , costumes, dialogues, miracle and honest fight for truth. a low budget film who impose the grace as measure of each scene. who reminds the soul of blockbusters - prisoners of image, ignoring the message. it is not a simple adaptation, it is not exactly a religious story. it could be a testimony. about God, of course. about Israel under conquerors. but , more interesting, about human values. in graceful manner.