» » Настоящие охотники за привидениями No One Comes to Lupusville (1986–1991)

Настоящие охотники за привидениями No One Comes to Lupusville (1986–1991) HD online

Настоящие охотники за привидениями No One Comes to Lupusville (1986–1991) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Action / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Original Title: No One Comes to Lupusville
Writers: Dan Aykroyd,Harold Ramis
Released: 1986–1991
Duration: 21min
Video type: TV Episode
The Ghostbusters are hired by a mysterious man named Gregore, leader of a small secluded village called Lupusville, that is located deep in the woods, to get rid of a coven of vampires. As they investigate, it turns out that all of the residents are vampires, having their own unusual servants as well. One group is led by Gregore, who took over the town and wishes to come out into the modern world. The other group is led by the old vampire leader, an unnamed vampire who wishes to keep their existence a secret from the world. While Ray and Peter are captured/recruited by the forest vampires after a desperate fight, Egon and Winston are held captive by Gregore and his followers, who want to use them to eliminate their enemies.
Episode credited cast:
Arsenio Hall Arsenio Hall - Winston Zeddemore (voice)
Maurice LaMarche Maurice LaMarche - Dr. Egon Spengler / Vampire leader (voice) (as Maurice La Marche)
Lorenzo Music Lorenzo Music - Dr. Peter Venkman (voice)
Laura Summer Laura Summer - Janine Melnitz (voice)
Frank Welker Frank Welker - Dr. Raymond Stantz / Slimer / Werewolf (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ruthie Field Ruthie Field - Lyta (voice)
Hal Rayle Hal Rayle - Gregor (voice)

According to Egon, this is the first time the Ghostbusters have encountered vampires, revenants, or the undead.

Ray is shown sleeping with his Stay Puft Marshmallow Man doll.

According to Ray, prior to this episode they had never dealt with Vampires.

During the werewolf's transformation, it bellows the same sound as Slimer in the original Ghostbusters film.

In the graveyard, one of the tombstones in the foreground clearly bears the word CASIO, a very popular brand of electronic equipment in the 80's.

The town name "Lupusville" comes from the Latin word Lupus which means wolf.