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Nina Frisk (2007) HD online

Nina Frisk (2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Nina Frisk
Director: Maria Blom
Writers: Maria Blom
Released: 2007
Duration: 1h 23min
Video type: Movie
Nina Frisk is a flight attendant who loves flying. She is happy above the clouds, far away from her dysfunctional family and superficial love life. But then one day Nina meets Marcus and his son William, and falls helplessly in love. For the first time ever in her life, Nina begins to long for a family of her own. But Nina soon discovers that life on earth can be just as turbulent as in the sky.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Sofia Helin Sofia Helin - Nina Frisk
Daniel Götschenhjelm Daniel Götschenhjelm - Marcus
Vilde Helmerson Vilde Helmerson - William
Sven Ahlström Sven Ahlström - Linus
Gunilla Nyroos Gunilla Nyroos - Jill
Urban Eldh Urban Eldh - Krister
Mia Poppe Mia Poppe - Marika
Emilio Riccardi Emilio Riccardi - Mårten
Emma Vävare Emma Vävare - Sigrid
Johan Ehn Johan Ehn - Gunnar
Lukas Loughran Lukas Loughran - Jens
Gunnel Fred Gunnel Fred - Marie-Louise
Mats Rudal Mats Rudal - Piloten
Anja Landgré Anja Landgré - Marikas mamma
Mikael Alsberg Mikael Alsberg - Marikas pappa

Reviews: [4]

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    Scream_I LOVE YOU

    This is Swedish director Maria Blom's second movie. The first one was "Masdjävlar" a promising debut. The follow-up is a little weaker.

    It's about the air hostess (Sofia Helin) from a dysfunctional family, who finds a somewhat dysfunctional boyfriend with a 5-year-old son. Her relation with her mother, acted with total presence by Gunilla Nyroos, is a matter of tolerance and laughter and black understreams.

    The interaction with the brother, brilliant played by Sven Ahlström, is both comforting and a little destructive, but all the time on the right side of the border. There are depths here that could have been more penetrated, and that makes the movie all right, but not more than so.
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    Absolutely a top vote!! Another classic by Maria. People who say Nina Fisk is a weaker movie than "Masjavlar" is... well.. they are not right anyhow... This movie is even better in my opinion. The movie has the spirit of "Masjavlar", but I think "Nina Frisk" shows even more quality. I think the topic is more complex, the characters in the film are given more time and it is an even better dialog.

    So in my opinion, Maria take another step with this movie. Unfortunately I was affected by the media, which somewhat wrote the film down so I didn't see it until today! What a mistake...

    So the conclusion is: don't trust the reviews! Especially if you find them in the Swedish free delivered newspaper "City". They are just horrible..
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    Longitude Temporary

    I knew nothing about director Maria Blom and when I decided to see the movie it was just to practice my Swedish.

    I was expecting a mediocre romantic comedy and got pleasantly surprised to see a detailed representation of what "codependent behavior" (the character of the mother living with an alcoholic) looks like and how it works in life and how it affects other people (the sister and the brother) who easily fall for emotionally unavailable partners. Excellent character dynamics and an open end that is as realistic as it can be.

    I gave it the highest score as 5 is a gross underestimation of the quality of the movie.

    I would love to see it shown to psychology students in class.
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    The director and scriptwriter Maria Blom, who directed the Swedish master piece "Masjävlar" here made an unbelievable mistake. The characters are so exaggerated that hardly no one can recognize them, whether it is the subclass Blom wants to portray or the wider, upper middle class she obviously seeks to charm. A fine character actress, like Gunilla Nyroos, suddenly turns into a Puppet on a String under Bloms direction. That is misuse of this most talented actress. Responsible for this is Blom, who has earlier proved she can do much better than this.