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The Wishing Charm (1909) HD online

The Wishing Charm (1909) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: The Wishing Charm
Released: 1909
Video type: Movie
Professor Tompkins, of Boston, is in Egypt, looking for specimens of ancient pottery. His Egyptian servant unearths a peculiar looking casket, and breaks it open. A cloud of smoke arises and from it the enormous figure of a Geni appears. In gratitude for his release the Geni presents to the professor a silver charm, saying: "Who holds this charm shall have every wish granted." A puff of smoke and the Geni is gone. Tompkins wishes that he were home. He and his wife each believe the other to be ghosts. The Irish maid enters, sees the professor, drops her tray of dishes and collapses on a sofa. Later. The maid in dusting smashes a costly vase. The professor wishes the vase whole, and the maid, to show her gratitude, hugs him. Wifey comes in, sees this, and there is a picnic. The professor is explaining to his wife the wonder of the charm. A tramp comes up begging. A touch of the charm and Weary Will holds a sandwich and a bottle of beer. The tramp figures that anything that will bring ...

Released as a split reel along with The Diamond Necklace (1909).