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Ask Dr. Juli A Matter of Seconds (2014– ) HD online

Ask Dr. Juli A Matter of Seconds (2014– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy
Original Title: A Matter of Seconds
Director: Lana Gautier
Writers: Ron L. Palmer
Released: 2014–
Video type: TV Episode
Is the "Five Second Rule" a real thing, or are you taking a big risk when eating food that dropped on the floor? Just how much time do you really have before that tasty morsel becomes a disgusting hairball? Dr. Juli trims a few seconds off the old standard when your grub ends up on the ground.
Episode credited cast:
Sammi Barber Sammi Barber - Safron
Robbie Blanco Robbie Blanco - Cutter Wannabe
Amanda Fernandez Amanda Fernandez - Maxine Grody (as Amanda Sackett)
Lana Gautier Lana Gautier - Dr. Julianna Grimaldi
Scott Gochis Scott Gochis - Max Grody
Jessica Jackson Jessica Jackson - Delores
Brett Kamerman Brett Kamerman - Van Artdelayed
Sarah Kathleen Kelley Sarah Kathleen Kelley - Sidra
Ryan Kent Ryan Kent - Darin
Daniel Khayat Daniel Khayat - Cory
Ron L. Palmer Ron L. Palmer - Jean Luc Déglacer Coiffeur