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Picturesque Jura, France (1913) HD online

Picturesque Jura, France (1913) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Short
Original Title: Picturesque Jura, France
Released: 1913
Video type: Movie
This little frequented spot in France is well worth the attention of the tourist abounding as it does in verdant valleys and luxuriant vegetation. Winding roads zig zagging up the mountain side afford many opportunities for beautiful vistas across miles and miles of picturesque grandeur. After a lovely view of the River Bienne at Malinges, we conclude with "Evening on the Lake of Chalin." A picture of magic beauty, this, the expanse of peaceful water in the foreground; in the background, the mountains fading away in the darkening distance.

Released in the US as a split reel along with the documentaries Cosmopolitan Life in Cairo, Egypt (1913) and On the Lakes of Bayrisch, Bavaria (1913).

Original French title is undetermined.

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    I am not sure why this title should be considered "undetermined". It is Jura pittoresque.and was one of two touristic films shot by Pathé in the region that year, the other being Saint-Claude et ses environs. This second film can be found on the internet (as Jura 100 years ago) in a much-shortened Pathé-Baby version (the original was six minutes) and is interesting because it is a rather fine ghost ride through the region seemingly filmed by a local called M. Simonet.

    A very different matter is the film Le Jura (a four part Pathé Baby scolaire which is on the internet as Vie et Terroir do Jura). This is a very sober and serious survey of the region, its geography, hydography, agriculture and industry. I belive it was probably made by Jean Benoit-Lévy who formed his own production company Édition Française Cinématographique in 1922 and would go on to produce many, many such films for the French Miistry of Agricultue during the twenties and thirties.