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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Animation
Original Title: El Nombre
Video type: TV Series
El Nombre was an anthropomorphic Mexican gerbil, who swung into action whenever he was needed, to solve the townspeople's simple mathematical problems, usually talking in rhyme.
Credited cast:
Sophie Aldred Sophie Aldred - Other Characters (voice)
Janet Ellis Janet Ellis - Other Characters (voice)
Kate Robbins Kate Robbins - Other Characters (voice)
Steve Steen Steve Steen - El Nombre (voice)

Some of the characters' voices were provided by Sophie Aldred who had played Ace on Doctor Who.

His name "El Nombre" actually means "The Name" in Spanish, not "The Number", which would be "El Número".

His character was a parody of the fictional hero Zorro, wearing a similar black cowl mask and huge sombrero, appearing unexpectedly to save the townsfolk from injustice.