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Arizona Territory (1950) HD online

Arizona Territory (1950) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Western
Original Title: Arizona Territory
Director: Wallace Fox
Writers: Adele Buffington
Released: 1950
Duration: 56min
Video type: Movie
Prospector Jeff Malloy rescues Doris Devlin, owner of a trading post, from an ambush planned by her uncle, Kilburn, who is trying to scare her out of the territory so that he can continue his counterfeiting operations. Jeff is framed by the gang, but he and bumbling Marshal Luke Winslow get on the trail after Doris is kidnapped by her uncle's gang.
Complete credited cast:
Whip Wilson Whip Wilson - Jeff Malloy
Andy Clyde Andy Clyde - Marshal Luke Watson
Nancy Saunders Nancy Saunders - Doris Devin
Dennis Moore Dennis Moore - Greg Lance
John Merton John Merton - Otis Kilburn
Carol Henry Carol Henry - Half-Breed Joe
Carl Mathews Carl Mathews - Steve Cramer - Henchman
Frank Austin Frank Austin - Jud - The Assayer
Bud Osborne Bud Osborne - Stableman

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    A man helps a woman who has been shot at and inadvertently helps uncover a counterfeiting plot.

    The film features Whip Wilson who had a short but unsuccessful stab at success as a leading western star. This is nothing more than routine western fodder with the short running time leaving little time for much character development.

    What is surprising is that although this is nothing more than a B movie it does have some pretty high production values, certainly better than many other western B movies of the time.

    The splendidly named Whip Wilson is amiable enough but lacked the star quality to be a leading star. The rest of the cast are decent with John Merton making a decent bad guy and Nancy Saunders charming as his niece. Unfortunately the stilted and stagey dialogue and run of the mill script leave them little room for manoeuvre

    I imagine this would have been lapped up by the audiences at the time but unfortunately it has limited appeal today. Saying that for fans of old westerns this isn't a bad film and at least moderately entertaining.