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Phobia (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: Phobia
Director: Pawan Kripalani
Writers: Pawan Kripalani,Arun Sukumar
Released: 2016
Duration: 1h 52min
Video type: Movie
Mehak is a talented young artist who, after surviving a traumatic attack, develops severe agoraphobia. She is terrified of the outside world. Her friend Shaan believes a new setting might help her heal, and moves her into a recently vacated apartment. Between the strange behavior of the neighbors and the mysterious disappearance of the apartment's former tenant, Mehak begins to fear that her new home might be the most dangerous place of all. Is it all in her mind or is there a real danger haunting her?
Credited cast:
Radhika Apte Radhika Apte - Mehak
Amrita Bagchi Amrita Bagchi - Jiah
Nivedita Bhattacharya Nivedita Bhattacharya - Anusha
Yashaswini Dayama Yashaswini Dayama - Nikki
Satyadeep Misra Satyadeep Misra - Shaan
Arush Nand Arush Nand - Joey
Ankur Vikal Ankur Vikal - Manu Malhotra

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder characterized by anxiety symptoms in reaction to situations where the sufferer perceives the environment to be dangerous, uncomfortable, or unsafe.

The name plate of the house where the lead character Mehek Deo (Radhika Apte) is shifted contains the name 'Kirpalani' which is also the surname of the director of this movie.

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    I don't do movie reviews. No. Not that often for sure. But sometimes, you are left with no choice. Sometimes, the film as a whole has something so compelling about it, one can't not applaud the immense effort put into it, turned into sheer brilliance that's come out on screen. If I ever have to talk about a film which I can proudly say is a psychological thriller beyond ordinary, I will pick 'Phobia' If I ever have to talk about a film which is a visual treat and an audio one alike, I will pick 'Phobia'. If I ever have to talk about an artist who puts in her heart and soul into the role and still manages to make it all look effortless, i will pick Radhika Apte. If I ever have to talk about a film which I enjoyed to the core, I will pick 'Phobia'. With some real unnerving moments, splendid performances and brilliant holistic cinema, Phobia should not be missed. ‪#‎LoveForPhobia‬
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    Very Old Chap

    That Phobia is not everyone's cup of tea is established in the opening frame itself with this intriguing quote of Franz Kafka: A cage went in search of a bird. What follows next is arguably one of the most significant prologues in Hindi Cinema; miss this and you won't get the essence of the film. Mehak Deo (Radhika Apte) is a painter and is narrating a creepily uncomfortable joke to her male friends at a party: An old man has been ogling at her because her face resembles his bitch that was killed in a car accident, eerily on the same day when Mehak was born. She then leaves the party in a taxi with her best friend, Shaan. On the way Shaan gets down and invites her to spend the night with him. She spurns the offer and continues in the taxi. The cabbie takes her to a secluded spot and rapes her.

    After the opening credits, we see that Mehak has become a nervous wreck consequent to the rape and is being administered Virtual Reality therapy to cure her of Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces). When the therapy makes little progress, Shaan rents out an apartment and moves her there to recover. Rest of the film plays out in the claustrophobic confines of this apartment, whose former tenant, a stewardess named Jiah, has mysteriously vanished into thin air. Spooky things start happening. Mehak's traumatised mind plays tricks on her and the director plays tricks on our mind. There is a black cat and a black spider, both important symbols in case you want to psychoanalyse the film later.

    Just when you feel that the director has pulled out all stops and you have sorted out all the conundrums, the film shifts to a different plane. Some extremely subtle hints are dropped, so fleeting that you will miss if you blink. Phobia is an extremely clever film; it is revived miraculously from the precipice of an almost hilarious ending. Director Pawan Kriplani goes for the jugular, just when your muscles were beginning to relax. Radhika Apte more than lives her part. Background score works non-intrusively on the subconscious.

    The film ends with a red dot (Bindi?) being applied on Mehak's painting to indicate that it is sold. Phobia works at multiple levels. At the visceral level it is a solid thriller with a potential to wet your pants. But at the psychological level, it makes you think long after you have left the cinema hall.
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    A few days ago I watched "Phobia". First of all this is new for Bollywood as they don't make much psychological thrillers and Radhika Apte pulls the entire movie on her shoulders with ease. Secondly, it is funny in 1 or 2 scenes which is not very good rather really sad for a horror/ psychological thriller and it is only Radhika Apte's acting which makes you sit in the theater till the end. In the first half, the movie builds with much novelty in it but second half has some instances from a few Hollywood movies but still it keeps you engaged. So, in total it had a few major drawbacks but a good experiment for Bollywood and some really great acting so I would go with 6/10 for this.
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    This movie was wonderful just because of Radhika Apte's great acting. I feel she is one of the most talented actress of Indian cinema till date. Great work Rahika Apte. Keep going!!!!!!

    he first reaction one will have after watching this movie is that this is just not a simple thriller movie but also has a thought- provoking message and of course Radhika Apte's acting is amazing.

    Starting from the trailer- The movie looks promising and you are reminded of Ram Gopal Verma's Kaun (starring Urmila Matondkar). Here I would like to clarify that Phobia's story or concept is completely different from Kaun, even the circumstances are totally different.

    Movie- As almost all thriller movie this also starts with a tragedy but slowly builds up to be much more than a movie of a personal experience but one also thinks of how we(society) thinks/acts in many situations. As the movie progresses it transforms from a movie about a 'phobia' to the protagonist's character to a great and very fresh climax (Credits to the director)
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    There are good films and there are great films but few films have the potential to change a genre or start a new one. "Phobia" is one such gem of a film that demands your attention and might just be the game-changer in the space of psychological horror thrillers in Hindi cinema. The film's taut narrative neither ignores viewer's intelligence nor does it test their patience.

    The film open with a famous quotation of Franz Kafka, "A cage went in search of a bird" and you're in for a roller-coaster psychological ride. The quote merges into a painting with that of a hand in the left side of the frame trying to reach out for help while half a dozen of hands are trying to rescue him from the right side of the frame or are they? This picture coupled with Kafka's quote quite sums up the whole film which revolves around an upcoming painter Mahek who is suffering from acute agoraphobia (a fear of open spaces). To accelerate her healing process her well-wishers thought that a change would be beneficial thus Mahek gets shifted to a used but empty apartment. But the apartment has its own story which results in her getting trapped from outside as well as within. Initially the whole setting seems like a typical Hindi horror film but as the film moves ahead you will be stunned at the smartness of Pawan Kirpalani's execution. Believe me "Phobia" is something which you have never witnessed in a Hindi horror film. Nothing is what it seems and the atmospheric horror is devoid of any cheesy sequence. Phobia terrifies you with its creepiness and when you think you know where it is heading it surprises you. There's an unexpected quirky pr-climax which lightens the mood only to take you to a gory but impactful climax that gives an apt closure to the first two acts.

    For reading the full review please check this link:-
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    "Agoraphobia" is fear of places and situations that might cause panic, helplessness or embarrassment. Imagine the state of a person suffering from this rare disease. Hard right ? Well, "Phobia" is more than a horror film as it deals with psychology of a person and the result is well-made and a brilliant film.

    "Phobia" talks about a painter, Mahek (played by ‪RadhikaApte‬), who suffers from anxiety disorder called "Agoraphobia" after she starts in a new house following her survival from a attempt-to-rape situation.

    From the director of "Ragini MMS" and "Darr @ Mall", Pawan Kripalani takes a step ahead with an untouched story never attempted before. The trailer of "Phobia" was intriguing but after watching the film, you will be in surprised with a wonderful story that keeps you glued to the screen. The first scene at the party is itself unravels the clues leading to the consequences but Pawan Kripalani has played it smart and let the audience take a back seat and enjoy the ride till the end. In fact, this is one of the strongest climax scenes I have seen. Salute to the brilliant director for making my day with sincere efforts. The screenplay is absolutely thrilling with solid twist. Art direction is fine. Cinematography is catchy. Special mention to the background score which goes well especially when Mahek faces her fear and steps out of the house.

    It is Radhika Apte all the way. She goes into the character of Mahek and gives her best. This will be her best performances of her life till now. Rest of the cast does justice to their part. Overall, "Phobia" is an enriching experience for the cinematic lovers.
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    This is how I wanted room to be - based entirely within four walls, but that movie broke its rule and went 'Money Monster' way; moving out and then just staying in limbo.

    Indian horror movies normally bring out unintentional laughs, but this was first Indian movie that got me scared. I am not talking of couple of jump scares, but genuine ones during key build ups and after and Ms. Apte sells them. She starts as a whiny and week woman but slowly succeeds in selling her fear and eventually caring about her. But more than that I was in love with its editing and bold choices it made of avoiding clichés. The story is tight, fast paced and believable; and without that irritation you get when you see plot holes in horror movies. The good thing about Phobia was it did not use props and relied on simple and obvious solutions like for example tying herself to move out of house. Here's hoping to see more of such cinema in near future and less of over hyped Conjuring 2.
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    Phobia (2016) : Well psychological thrillers are the best genre which are most intriguing and always messes with mind.They are rare in Indian Cinema and now after a long time its time for Phobia.

    Plot: An agoraphobic young woman Mehek (Radhika Apte), traumatized by past events, finds herself trapped and terrorized in her own home.She experiences weird apparitions and even involves in missing mystery of previous resident

    Plus Points: 1)Radhika Apte: Still now I thought that she is just an ordinary actress but with this film she is one of the best now.She is awesome in her role as Mehak and we can feel her agony,fear etc.. She is heavily successful in involving us in this movie.

    2)Music: BGM is one of the best part of Phobia.It is very tensing and easily builds up tension.I loved it.

    3)Screenplay: Screenplay is very good and thrilling.We can easily involve in this movie.Its climax is very good but its bit confusing.Interval block clearly raises our expectations.

    Minus points: 1)Similarities: It has similarity with few movies like Katha,Intruders,Dementia etc.. But its climax made it unique.That's the major success for Phobia.

    So,Phobia is an interesting psychological thriller with a bit confusing but interesting thriller.

    My rating 7.25/10
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    I have watched a lot of horror movies, both in english and hindi and I must tell that Phobia has the best story yet. The plot is very unpredictable. The entire cast has done a good job, including Radhika Apte, who has arguably given the best performance of her career so far. Cannot believe that such a good story, with good direction is at 6.9 as I am writing this review. People who did not understand this movie should simply not rate it.
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    The movie is kind of boring. First 40 minutes of movie, There is nothing really to watch. I don't know why to add that 40 minutes, may be director wanted to make a full movie with length of 99 minutes rather than a short film.

    Radhika Apte was good in acting, I would not say brilliant. All other actors completely disappointed. The story does not look like they tried to show a reality. The neighbors in the film, the friends, the apartment, looks like it is not happening in real life but a stage drama, where anyone can do say anything.

    I am giving 3/10 mainly for Radhika Apte acting and for the Bollywood who at least started cooking something in psycho-thriller genre. But sorry Bollywood you are chopped at least this time.
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    A woman has developed agoraphobia after she is attacked. She shares a home with her sister and nephew. When attempts to treat the phobia fail, she is taken to stay alone in an apartment while the owner is away. Hoping that the absence of others taking care of her will force her to do things for herself, she tries to settle in but strange things start happening. Her phobia has already left her with a crippled mental state but are the strange things really happening or is she losing her mind completely?

    I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did. I thought the story, acting and film quality were all decent. The problem that I have with it is the pace. This was a slow burner and while it helped in building the suspense, it could've moved along a bit faster and still been good.
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    A good movie , direction nd acting by Radhika is as always simply beautiful. She does is so well ????

    Sound score makes the movie a lot better .. amazing twist in the climax ..
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    The movie has a very nicely written plot and is played out very well by the actors as well. Although there were a few jumpscares here and there, overall the movie was very intriguing and interesting.
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    WARNING : SPOILERS The concept of premonition of ones own death has been used in Hollywood on a few occasions. So its not original, but then its not a frame by frame copy either and has adequate originality of its own. That said, it has its fair share of holes. Eg, it ddnt make sense as to why she saw the suggested victim on one of her trances when she ddnt belong there. That scene appears to be for no reason than to mislead the audience. Also the events in the climax could have been placed better. Her friend person with whom she had the ordeal had no real malicious intents. Since it was all a mere accident, the climax failed to hold water. It could have been avoided with so much ease for that matter (just if she had not panicked). Kinda makes the entire climax unnecessary except for that part where it made her get out of the house. That apart the buildup and performances were good. Direction and pace were also fine. Just lost its way towards the end. Sad, since a few adjustments could have made it a solid product.
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    Loved it!! One of the most underrated movie of all times!
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    Those who have watched it already know it's a great movie and those who haven't Just go and watch.. A bit cringing experience.At a point it made me think,Seriously what if someone comes across such situation,I mean what if someone gets diagnosed with this phobia or think of those people around who want to help.... Aaaah! Such realistic performance! Everyone was fabulous in the movie! I can't comment on screenplay or lighting etc. coz I don't know about all that.. Music was good, perfect for the moments in the movie.... All in all,A must watch.
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    Phobia is an extremely clever film that has you on the edge of your seat - the subtle way the movie plays with your mind and engages it is truly commendable, to say the least.

    I love the actress and supporting cast's performances. Never were there any moments it felt lacking or over the top - the performance was just right. It drags you into the movie and makes you intimate with the horror.

    I wish more people see it and appreciate the well-crafted beauty of it.
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    A subtle, intricate peek into an agoraphobic, without giving much away in terms of backstory.

    There are quite a few horror movies, and thrillers masquerading as horror movies out there, that regurgitate the same tropes over and over again, sometimes to good mass effect, which is why the market for low budget thrillers is never going to go outta fashion. They're gonna continue to be made, but the trend changes in cyclical mode.

    'Exorcist' mode (Okok, 'Insidious' and 'Conjuring' owe it to the original 'Ex'). 'Saw' mode. 'Scream' mode. J horror ('Ring' etc.) mode. 'Purge' mode. Many John Schlesinger and John Dahl movies from the 80s and the 90s. And so forth.....

    Indian horror movies, other than the surprise hits '1920', 'Ragini MMS' and its sequel, on the other hand, have had to contend with merely being 'inspired' from their counterparts in other geos.

    Exceptions, imho (not shared by many, unfortunately), are RGV's 'Raat/Raatri' and 'Kaun'. In fact, initial reviews of both this movie and its trailer called this as being inspired, or a counterpart to the latter movie. I, humbly, but vehemently, disagree.

    Not anymore.

    Not if this is any indication.

    Making a performance-centric thriller can never be easy, especially if the entire tale revolves around 1 character, and 2/3 supporting ones are just that, background support, and nothing more.

    This one, makes even the ones with short run-times, interesting.

    I did happen to think that the phobic element got overdone, especially in Apte's interpretation of the character, while the movie was on. But, in hindsight, thinking back now, I feel she did just right, to the extent that was needed, and no more. That's changing perspective, based on how the movie concludes.

    The inclusion, rather, highlighting, of abstract imagery throughout, was also something that, imho, provided more impact and gravitas to specific sequences, than they might have had imbued with otherwise. Another unexpected layer to a flick that already, in my head, has re-imagined the 'thriller' genre universally (not geo-specific).

    I did speak about less backstory, but this was my 1 complaint about the entire flick (just this 1, nothing else) - I wish Kirpalani had used abstract imagery even for this, and while he might think that he did use it to an extent, it did not work for me. It took me outta the movie in the same way that using his name as the name of the person in the apartment complex did (Subhash Ghai much? Hitchcock much?).

    Anyways, a great watch, and a fabulous time at the movies. Ensure you watch it with a like-minded audience though, and go in knowing next to nothing about this one.
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    Directed by the same guy who previously gave us a good stuff (Ragini MMS) and a bad stuff (Darr @ The Mall) comes another thriller that can be placed exactly between these two in terms of quality.

    Mehak (Apte) is a cool young woman who is forced upon unsuccessfully by a taxi driver after which she becomes a patient of agoraphobia, a severe mental disorder concerning open and crowded places. She is helped by her friend Shaan (Misra), who moves her into a friend's place in order to treat her naturally, whatever that means. But Mehak is eternally traumatized by the incident which still gives her nightmares and feelings of anxiety, particularly revolving around her new apartment's former owner, an air-hostess who she presumes was killed by her neighbor. As nights pass, Mehak sees things that makes her change her mind and believe that there is another person in her apartment now who may be out to finish "some unfinished business."

    The setup is fine for a Bollywood thriller film, reminding us of RGV's millennium-closing masterpiece "Kaun?". The plot moves with a good speed as the audience begin playing their usual game of suspect gamble. We think that the person chasing Mehak might be her friend, who also has shades of gray in him and wants to satiate his sexual needs, fitting the perfect description; her widowed sister, who may have some ulterior motive; her specialist doctor, who is just learning to control her fancy new VR headset; her neighbor, whose laughing frequency is rather sinister. It could be anyone and Mehak wants to find out, with the help of Nikki (Dayama), her new friend and neighbour. But, all that plays around in the first half is let down by the story's lousy second half.

    Whenever one sees a thriller film where the main characters sit and surround a simple or a mutilated combination of geometric symbols, he/she knows that the film is falling into the pond of cliché. Phobia eventually does, and then tries to regain consciousness (a la Mehak in countless instances) by revealing the single pole that was purportedly supporting this giant of a promising high-rise. The climax is good, but of what use is a building that slants?

    The music, as many of my friends pointed out, was brilliant, and at least 2 of my stars go for that, plus the camera work. Apte is terrific and so is Mishra; both do a wonderful job, and this confirms the point that the problem is not in the cast or their performance or in the making, but in the story, which is shallow and only offers one or two gasps, which are purely incidental. That fear can wreak havoc in one's own life.

    If the writer had put in so much effort as that bloke who has expanded the film's Wikipedia article, the film may have critically fared better. Can't understand the fuss around the film's notability, though. It's a strictly below-average affair even for people who consider themselves fans of the thriller-horror genre.

    BOTTOM LINE: Pawan Kirpalani's Phobia is a thriller, with some great performances, which feels at first like a blood-toothed dinosaur in a closet but turns out only to be a one-inch, red-masked lizard. Wait for TV premiere but do not switch between channels during commercials.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO
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    I see this movie has got great reviews by critics and glorified as a very different, intelligent, horror/suspense, layered, textured, trend setter, daring, best and many other ephitets. And Radhika Apte was glorified as giving an Oscar winning performance which would put even Meryl Streep to shame (or words to that effect).

    The reality - Movie is boring and the same scenes seem to keep repeating again and again, because the movie is all shot in one place indoors. Director has mixed up Agrophobia with psychic nonsense to come up with a movie which is hard to dive inside and feel any empathy with the so-called victim played by Radhika Apte. It is too much to see her continuously for 2 hours making various weird faces, searching under bed, poking thru bathroom holes etc. And all this glorified as a great movie, great direction. Ridiculous. I love watching so-called art movies and even bear thru "heavy" movies, but this was just too much to tolerate. With the benefit of remote, i could barely see thru the whole nonsense. Probably, the high expectations raised by glowing reviews made it more disappointing.

    I would suggest to watch "Kaun" (from Ram Gopal Verma, during his glory days), to which this movie is being compared. The comparison of course is unfair. Kaun was fun to watch. Not much to see about fun here.
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    Confined in a flat and camera focused on the eyes, face, lips of the lead actor may look interesting for 15 minutes but for 2 hours my god ! Boring and nauseating Background music suggests repeatedly that something bizarre is going to happen but again ... nothing .So you wait for someone to appear or something else to happen but you just watch helplessly screaming trembling heroine in each frame ... Lousy story ,stupid narration . Thanks God I didnt watch it in a movie theatre
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    Phobia, a movie about a girl living in a sub-urb, afraid of the outer world.

    Like any good movie, the story builds up gradually, with some chilling scenes as we approach the interval. The Director here has to be credited for keeping the scenes chilling and dramatic at the same time. The film touches upon a lot of issues, of-course we have the issue of agoraphobia as the main theme, but at the same time, we also have the issue of a friend helping the protagonist, for sex. Exploiting her, when she is most vulnerable emotionally.Hence posing a very fundamental questions, can't we help anyone without expecting a favor in return.

    Also the music, the cinematography are excellent. But what makes this movie a memorable one is the acting of Radhika Apte. She has delivered a commendable performance. She is able to convince the audience that she is mentally stable & mentally ill at the same time.

    I do recommend this movie for all the people who enjoy a chill down their spine.
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    The first reaction one will have after watching this movie is that this is just not a simple thriller movie but also has a thought- provoking message and of course Radhika Apte's acting is amazing.

    Starting from the trailer- The movie looks promising and you are reminded of Ram Gopal Verma's Kaun (starring Urmila Matondkar). Here I would like to clarify that Phobia's story or concept is completely different from Kaun, even the circumstances are totally different.

    Movie- As almost all thriller movie this also starts with a tragedy but slowly builds up to be much more than a movie of a personal experience but one also thinks of how we(society) thinks/acts in many situations. As the movie progresses it transforms from a movie about a 'phobia' to the protagonist's character to a great and very fresh climax (Credits to the director).

    Direction- Amazing, great camera shots create the feeling of fear

    Acting- Radhika Apte was great in her previous small roles in many movies but here she shows her full potential that she can carry a movie alone on her shoulder
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    I've watched two films within a space of eight days and both were horror films. This one followed Hollywood's 'Conjuring 2', which I actually watched at a cinema. Although both belong to the same genre, but the finer details differ a great deal. But I must say I enjoyed and appreciate almost as much as I did in the case of other; "almost" because.....

    .... for it to be rated very highly, the film has to conform with my interpretation of it, which is different to what I gather from reading other people's review, inasmuch that even its plot summary chapter on its Wikipedia page is in complete contrast to mine. It says:

    ".... It is revealed that Mehak was capable of having glimpses of the future.... "

    I don't agree with this. My interpretation is, the only bits come true that Mehak herself could play a part in. For example, the fight and the injury of her female friend was never part of her fears and visions, simply because it didn't require any action on her. It was the the 'other' inner being in herself that led to her visions coming true. For example, like 'that' scene in the film, if I injure myself and pour out a bucket of blood, then go on to hide myself under the bed, then my vision of seeing someone walk towards me with blood on his feet as I hide under a bed will come true. Or of I hurt myself so badly that I crawl in the rooms, even then my vision of seeing on the video someone crawl in the rooms will come true. Thirdly, if I'm aware a friend of mine takes interest in medical stuff, reads about the stuff online and has a bit knowledge of it, then if I cut off my finger, then my vision of finding my finger frozen in the fridge will come true. If this isn't the case, then why didn't her other fears turn out to be true, such as X, Y, Z has murdered him or her? Add to this her complete lack of 'prior knowledge' on that fight that broke out between her female friend and her male friend that resulted in the former being hurt to the extent of falling unconscious.

    Although I can't quite explain the bit about the pepper spray and the hands painting that the Wikipedia relies on to interpret it the other way, I feel there must be some other meaning to that too. The decision is yours, but do consider that I've provided three examples with proper follow up arguments to the two provided by Wikipedia, which are very short and brief.

    I'm a positive thinker and would like to think that my interpretation of it is right, because the film's climax only makes sense if it is indeed that way, and in that case it is a masterpiece; because from my own experiences in life, I've indeed seen people's with negative thinking and fears often getting it right, but is is their own contribution that plays a huge role in it, although they themselves are completely unaware of it. I wonder whether the poster itself gives away to the many personalities and faces that Mehak has within it, as a result of her mental disorder...... However, if it is the other way around, then I can only say that the film had an extremely confusing and a nonsense ending!

    Either way, the performances were brilliant and Radhika Apte did every bit of justice to her role. The expressions alone on her face gave a full impression of a girl battling fears of extreme kinds. A great performance by her!

    So, going in with my interpretation, I'm awarding it full stars! Minus that, it would be around six stars from my side.
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    The story is extremely boring and does very little to keep the viewer interested. The so called "twist" in the end leaves a lot to desire in terms of the expectations that one would have from a film of horror/thriller genre.

    Perhaps the story/plot of the movie is its weakest point. The only good thing about the movie is good acting by the lead stars, but it is insufficient to cover up for the weak plot.

    Break-up of the rating:

    Story/plot: 1/10 Acting/performance: 9/10 Technical (audio/video effects, cinematography): 7/10 Overall: 2/10