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One Step Beyond Contact (1959–1961) HD online

One Step Beyond Contact (1959–1961) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Fantasy / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Original Title: Contact
Director: John Newland
Writers: Paul David,Lawrence B. Marcus
Released: 1959–1961
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Bill Dermott finds himself haunted by a determined voice in his mind plotting a heinous murder. Could this unsettling phenomenon possibly be linked to the antique pocket watch he received as a gift from his wife?
Episode cast overview:
Ron Randell Ron Randell - Bill Dermott
Catherine McLeod Catherine McLeod - Mary Dermott
William Allyn William Allyn - Karl Lennox
Alexander Lockwood Alexander Lockwood - Dr. Otis
Rodney Bell Rodney Bell - Policeman
Anthony Jochim Anthony Jochim - Paul
Jeanne Tatum Jeanne Tatum - Airport Receptionist
John Newland John Newland - Himself - Host

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    Well, I really find nothing exceptional in this episode, telling us the story of this dude hearing voices after receiving a watch as a gift. Directing and acting are OK, no problem about it, but I could not find anything fascinating about it, sorry folks. I comment it only because it is not been done yet. Now, it is. I get a little tired by all those tales, not always very brilliant. Some are, some are not. Period. There is still a eerie atmosphere, thanks to this fantastic score, music theme. Only it continues to stick me to this series. But I assure you, it is not boring at all. I watch two épisodes in a row, each night, after my work. I'll comment any other episode comment free.
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    Bill & Mary Dermott are a happily married couple as this episode begins. Mary has given Bill an old antique pocket watch as a present, which he accepts fine, except it seems to be the impetus of a strange occurrence, as Bill can now hear what appears to be a murder plot being planned by a man he doesn't know, but may have had at one time owned the watch, so Bill, in order to keep his sanity and preserve his marriage, tracks down the previous owner with surprising results. Undistinguished and forgettable episode has a fine premise but goes nowhere dramatically, with an ending containing no impact. Most easily skipped on the DVDs.