» » Sturm der Liebe Magischer "Fürstenhof" - 10 Jahre "Sturm der Liebe" - Das Musical - (2005– )

Sturm der Liebe Magischer "Fürstenhof" - 10 Jahre "Sturm der Liebe" - Das Musical - (2005– ) HD online

Sturm der Liebe Magischer "Fürstenhof" - 10 Jahre "Sturm der Liebe" - Das Musical - (2005– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Romance
Original Title: Magischer "Fürstenhof" - 10 Jahre "Sturm der Liebe" - Das Musical -
Director: Carsten Meyer-Grohbrügge
Writers: Peter Süß,Peter Süß
Released: 2005–
Duration: 50min
Video type: TV Episode
Alfons thinks hypnosis is just a cheap trick. Sebastian offers him to bring him into a trance. Alfons agrees when Luisa insists on it. Sebastian asks him to come with a question that is important to him. Alfons wonders how his life would be when he didn't marry Hildegard. Sebastian and Luisa appear as devil and fairy. They are able to manipulate the fantasy episode. Alfons is married with Charlotte who wants to sell the hotel; Konstantin is their son. Alfons has enough of Charlotte. Rich Hildegard, Alfons' old love, arrives at the hotel to buy it. She wants to tear it down and build a brothel there. Alfons asks Charlotte if she didn't think about their son Konstantin before selling the hotel. She reveals to him that Konstantin is actually the son of bellboy Werner. Werner and Konstantin kidnap Hildegard and want her to sign a contract that makes her keep the hotel as it is and makes Werner the hotel manager. Alfons finds them. He and Werner conclude they are both Konstantin's father. ...
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Magdalena Steinlein Magdalena Steinlein - Luisa Reisiger
Kai Albrecht Kai Albrecht - Sebastian Wegener
Dirk Galuba Dirk Galuba - Werner Saalfeld
Dietrich Adam Dietrich Adam - Friedrich Stahl
Mona Seefried Mona Seefried - Charlotte Saalfeld
Antje Hagen Antje Hagen - Hildegard Sonnbichler
Sepp Schauer Sepp Schauer - Alfons Sonnbichler
Isabella Hübner Isabella Hübner - Beatrice Hofer
Michael N. Kuehl Michael N. Kuehl - David Hofer (as Michael Kühl)
Erich Altenkopf Erich Altenkopf - Michael Niederbühl
Joachim Lätsch Joachim Lätsch - André Konopka
Melanie Wiegmann Melanie Wiegmann - Natascha Schweitzer
Christin Balogh Christin Balogh - Tina Kessler
Florian Stadler Florian Stadler - Nils Heinemann
Niklas Löffler Niklas Löffler - Norman Kowald