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Le rebelle Moody River (1992–1997) HD online

Le rebelle Moody River (1992–1997) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama
Original Title: Moody River
Director: Adam Winkler
Writers: Stephen J. Cannell,Larry Mollin
Released: 1992–1997
Duration: 43min
Video type: TV Episode
The Moses family is just one of many criminal offenders who were offered a second chance at the Second Chance farm, Moody River. That was not enough for them to be treated fair, because the sheriff and the local prosecutor made the local law. Vincent Black intervenes, and gives them a third chance.
Episode complete credited cast:
Lorenzo Lamas Lorenzo Lamas - Reno Raines / Vince Black
Branscombe Richmond Branscombe Richmond - Bobby Sixkiller
Kathleen Kinmont Kathleen Kinmont - Cheyenne Phillips
William Allen Young William Allen Young - Calvin
Jane A. Rogers Jane A. Rogers - Gabby Green (as Jane Rogers)
James Harlow James Harlow - Sheriff Melvin
Ed Beechner Ed Beechner - Jed
Brion James Brion James - Eli Starke
Jim Cody Williams Jim Cody Williams - John Murphy
Jason Bose Smith Jason Bose Smith - Jason Moses
April Grace April Grace - Mary Moses

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    In a small American town called Moody River, there is a community of ex-cons who have gone straight and are trying to make an honest living by working on their farm. Unfortunately for them, the local authorities, led by prosecutor Eli Starke (Brion James), are corrupt and want to own their land, so they keep attacking and sabotaging them, trying to drive them away. Fortunately for them, Reno Raines is passing through and he decides to stay for a while and protect them. Kind of a variation on the "Magnificent Seven" theme (not the "seven" part, but the terrorizing of a small community), "Moody River"'s strongest card is, theoretically, the presence of B-movie icon Brion James in the kind of role he was perfect for - i.e., the villain. However, James is strangely subdued this time. There are a couple of pretty good fights (and Bobby seems to be joining in a lot more now), and an extremely charming performance by Jane Rogers as a kind-hearted newspaperwoman. (**)