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John/Simon (2011) HD online

John/Simon (2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Thriller
Original Title: John/Simon
Director: Sophie Langford
Writers: Sophie Langford
Released: 2011
Duration: 10min
Video type: Movie
A Realtor who has a personality disorder wakes up feeling in the mood to kill something, or someone. When showing some clients around an open-house his alternate personality takes over and out of nowhere he decides to have a killing spree right there.
Cast overview:
Tony Cook Tony Cook - John / Simon
Lori MacFadyen Lori MacFadyen - Becky Morris
Tony Fordham Tony Fordham - Tony Chapman
Daniella Pellegrini Daniella Pellegrini - Lucy Mounter
Marcus Ako Marcus Ako - Harry Foreman
Sarah Hough Sarah Hough - Katie Nomad
Dani Russell Dani Russell - Chelsea Pollard (as Natasha Danielle)

The original script had the events take place in a doctors surgery, but it was changed to an empty house to make it feel more claustrophobic.

An avid Doctor Who (2005) fan, director Sophie Langford wanted in include a reference to the show in the script, and chose the line from the last episode starring David Tennant as the Doctor, when he says "I don't want to go". The line was incorporated into the script and used when Simon is trying to defeat John at the end of the film.