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Eliminate: Archie Cookson (2011) HD online

Eliminate: Archie Cookson (2011) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Thriller
Original Title: Eliminate: Archie Cookson
Director: Robin Holder
Writers: Robin Holder
Released: 2011
Duration: 1h 31min
Video type: Movie
When Archie Cookson (Paul Rhys), a washed-up British spy, mysteriously receives stolen secret tapes, he becomes the target of an assassination by senior MI6 officials. Archie survives the elimination of his departmental colleagues only to be confronted by his long time friend and ex-CIA 'problem solver', Ennis Miller (Paul Ritter). Initially appearing to be Archie's salvation, Ennis is soon revealed to be a reluctant assassin hired to finish the job, but instead grants a stay of execution for Archie to reconcile his differences with his estranged family. As the grim reality of the next 48 hours begins to dawn on Archie, a chance encounter with an alluring young woman fires up the long lost passion and fight that Archie once possessed. Determined to evade his tormentors and bring to justice those responsible for the tapes, Archie battles to right his wrongs whilst inadvertently endangering the lives of those he loves in the process as Ennis tries to eliminate Archie Cookson.


Credited cast:
Paul Rhys Paul Rhys - Archie Cookson
Claire Skinner Claire Skinner - Camilla
Georgia King Georgia King - Lucy
Paul Ritter Paul Ritter - Ennis Miller
Richard Cambridge Richard Cambridge - The Aide
Phillip Manikum Phillip Manikum - Spymaster Charles
Nicholas Day Nicholas Day - Spymaster George
Freddy Downham Freddy Downham - Hector
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Marc Danbury Marc Danbury - Maxwell
Juan Herrera Juan Herrera - Marchello
Philip D. McQuillan Philip D. McQuillan - Pendeltons Assistant (as Philip Duguid-McQuillan)
Ewan Stewart Ewan Stewart - Sergei
Gabriel Vick Gabriel Vick - Pendleton

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    Paul Rhys is fantastic as Archie Cookson, a former field agent who's best days are behind him and who is marking time translating Russian for the British government. Archie's life takes a turn when he is marked for elimination and an old friend shows up to do the job. This is a British film full of the dry humor for which they are famous and there are many moments to laugh out loud. The plot has just the right amount of twists and turns and all the actors are superb. This is a film with interesting characters who make unexpected choices. The story feels familiar and yet still manages to surprise you.

    Hard to believe this is the first feature film for Director/Writer Robin Holder. This is a polished, perfectly paced and beautifully filmed movie.

    I was able to catch this at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and hope it gets a wider stateside release.
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    I enjoyed watching this film, its an a different and enjoyable take on the usual spy action thriller movies and when you consider the small budget its really impressive.

    Paul Rhys is excellent and Paul Ritter as the comedic assassin almost steals the show for me.

    Its fairly slow paced and in places and shots and scenes do linger longer than we are perhaps used too but overall its worth persevering with. One of those films that is probably better the second time around and there is fine details and humour that will noticed for the first time on every watch.

    Like I say, an alternative to the popcorn, stunt action spy films that look like car adverts rather than humorous character driven pieces that this one is.