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Mother of All Lies (2015) HD online

Mother of All Lies (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Thriller
Original Title: Mother of All Lies
Director: Monika Mitchell
Writers: Ken Sanders,Mark Sanderson
Released: 2015
Duration: 1h 40min
Video type: Movie
Adopted teenager Sara goes in search of her birth mother Abby, only to find the woman in prison for bank robbery and manslaughter. In an upcoming parole hearing, Sara helps Abby win release, and decides to spend the summer with her before leaving for college. But Sara soon finds herself in danger as her mother returns to her former partner in crime, Carl. When Carl ends up dead, both Abby and Sara will be wanted for murder - hunted by the police and the dead man's cohorts.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Francesca Eastwood Francesca Eastwood - Sara Caskie
Jennifer Copping Jennifer Copping - Abby Miller
Anna Galvin Anna Galvin - Rebecca Caskie
Roark Critchlow Roark Critchlow - Jason Caskie
Allie Bertram Allie Bertram - Corinne
Jerry Trimble Jerry Trimble - Carl
Matt Bellefleur Matt Bellefleur - Dax
Peter Bryant Peter Bryant - Sheriff Winters
Artine Tony Browne Artine Tony Browne - Detective Martinez (as Artine Brown)
Chris Furci Chris Furci - Ramon
Daniel Bacon Daniel Bacon - Mr. Fields
Raphael Kepinski Raphael Kepinski - Patrick Deblaze
Graeme Duffy Graeme Duffy - Ian
Angela Moore Angela Moore - Officer Morrissey
John Sampson John Sampson - Security Guard

The girl who plays sara, Francessca Eastwood, is Clint Eastwood's real life daughter

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    No rating for this silly film about another obnoxious teeny-bopper who is a spoiled and selfish in her attempts to locate her real mother and going to live with her against her adoptive parents wishes. Same old drivel and lackless performances. The daughter walks around with this vacant look in her face. All she does is tell people off. Snotty without any warmth in her performance. To this viewer, a loser. The real mother does a fairly decent job. I won't mention names as it is not the point. The director obviously likes her. I didn't. Long bleached stringy hair too much make up and just a bad actress. All the other actors say their lines as though they mean them but don't get much help from the script. Another one of those LMN teenager in distress. How many of these are there? Give us a break. Thank you.
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    Within the first 20 minutes I was rooting for the requisite Lifetime movie psycho to gank the main star Sara, who is one of Clint Eastwood's kid. Spoiler: No such luck.

    Summary: Spoiled 18 year old adopted Sara finds out her birth mother Abby is in prison. She visits Abby after she is paroled and finds Abby has shacked up with a wifebeater dude. Things come to a head and wifebeater dude ends up getting run over by Abby, and she and Sara dispose of his body in an SUV by driving it over a cliff with him inside. The local Sheriff investigates. Adoptive mom & dad pick her up and bring her home after a verbal confrontation between the moms. Abby ends up fleeing after an arrest warrant is issued, and turns up at the adoptive parent's home. The females in jeopardy at the end moment arrives on schedule with about 15 minutes to go.

    This was loaded with more goofs than usual, such as restaurants from Vancouver and Tennessee being shown in Oregon. The characters were stereotypical: women making poor choices, bumbling cops, poor white trash (PWT) wifebeater, and a younger version of same.

    Detailed: Sara, who we learn is adopted, doesn't want to move after her adopted dad gets a promotion. She acts out against her adopted mom when she shows the house. Sara finds some letters from her birth mom, who has been in prison either since age 17 or 25 depending on how much attention you pay to the script. Apparently I paid more attention than did Eastwood, since she flubbed the line about how old her mom was when she went to prison- she transposed the 25 year sentence with the age of 17 shown on the prison record screen and said her mom was 25.

    The only one with any sense shown in the first half hour is Sara's BFF, who does not want to go into the dumpy cabin where prison mom Abby lives with her boyfriend. Instead, she drops off Sara and leaves. They stopped at a Vancouver area ale house while still in Oregon.

    The plot here involves Abby being in prison, apparently from an armed robbery shown at the beginning where a guard was killed after being hit by the getaway car. Abby claims she was set up and is innocent. Sara makes arrangements to visit her, first in prison, then at her dumpy cabin. Adoptive mom & dad adopt a hands off approach, and dad offers her some money. They warn her that if she uses the money her grandparents left her for college, it will be gone.

    Abby's boyfriend is what I call a native American from the Slapaho tribe, a term from another film (John Q) where a guy was a wifebeater. It doesn't matter what his name is, I'll just call him wifebeater even though he wears a plaid shirt in most scenes and not a wifebeater- the only one seen in a wifebeater is a detective. He even has a creepy younger friend Dax that has eyes for Sara and is apparently part time in a motorcycle gang.

    There is a fight at the cabin and wifebeater takes a gun away from Abby, Sara jumps in and smashes a lamp over his head, then Abby hits him with a fireplace poker. This just makes him really mad, so he takes that away as well and the females flee. Still over an hour left, so this can't be the requisite female(s) in jeopardy, as that is reserved for the final 10-15 minutes. Wifebeater staggers outside and Abby hits him with an SUV. Wifebeater channels his inner Freddie Kruger and gets back up still holding the poker. Abby flashes back to hitting the guard, and then hits wifebeater a second time, this time running him over. Surprisingly, she confirms the kill. As a side note, with her hairdo and a slight forehead modification, Abby would make a decent Klingon.

    Abby talks Sara into helping her dispose of wifebeater, so they load him into the SUV. Using one of Oregon's handy cliffs, the SUV with wifebeater inside goes over the edge! Abby finds texts from Sara to BFF that she wants to leave. Despite being in prison for the entire smart phone development period she is able to disable the phone. The Sheriff investigates and serves a search warrant. BFF told them she wanted to leave, so finally the adoptive parents show up at dumpy cabin, which still has crime scene tape up. Sara finally makes a good choice and leaves with them.

    The Sheriff cracks the case and gets an arrest warrant for Abby. Being bumpkins, they don't cover the back door and she slips away undetected- with the gun from earlier but without some cash she had hidden in a woodpile. Turns out the cash belonged to Dax, and he finds Sara's address. There is now about 15 minutes left, so we need some females in jeopardy. Dax and a bud turn up on schedule and confront Abby and Sara at a local motel. Abby true to PWT form rolls over on Sara having a bank account. As they are being taken away, the cops show up and in another blunder only make the males get down. Abby runs away but is caught. Sara rolls over on her to hopefully avoid prosecution. Abby is back in prison. The house sells and Sara is off to college, finally acknowledging adoptive mom as her mom.

    Much of the above is to be expected for Lifetime movies, on a Lifetime scale I'd rate it a 5/10, but otherwise it's a solid 2/10.