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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Animation / Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Sci-Fi
Original Title: The Penguins of Madagascar
Duration: 11min
Video type: TV Series
A rookery of penguins with attitude -- leader Skipper, brainy Kowalski, loony Rico and young Private -- in Central Park Zoo embarks on what it sees as a series of strike-force missions until confronting an unwelcome challenge to its dominance from a new zoo resident: Julien, King of the Lemurs, in a sequel to the hit animated movies.


Series cast summary:
John DiMaggio John DiMaggio - Rico / - 90 episodes, 2008-2015
Tom McGrath Tom McGrath - Skipper 88 episodes, 2008-2015
Jeff Bennett Jeff Bennett - Kowalski / - 84 episodes, 2008-2015
James Patrick Stuart James Patrick Stuart - Private / - 84 episodes, 2008-2015
Andy Richter Andy Richter - Mort 83 episodes, 2008-2015
Kevin Michael Richardson Kevin Michael Richardson - Maurice / - 81 episodes, 2008-2015
Danny Jacobs Danny Jacobs - King Julien / - 78 episodes, 2008-2015
Nicole Sullivan Nicole Sullivan - Marlene 61 episodes, 2009-2015
Mary Scheer Mary Scheer - Alice / - 45 episodes, 2009-2012

A running joke throughout the series is when something (like a bomb) is thrown off camera and an explosion or a crash is heard, followed by a voice yelling "My car!". In the episode Madagaskari pingviinid: The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole (2011), the shout is in Japanese (with subtitles).

The license plate on the penguins' car says 'I love Bonjovi' which they got in New Jersey where the band originate from.

Private appears to speak in a middle-class British accent, as opposed to the other penguins (the exception here is Rico, who hardly talks and mainly communicates in grunts) and most of the Zoo animals, who speak with American accents.

According to Tom McGrath, the TV series takes place in a separate or alternate continuity from the movies.

Instead of being voiced by DreamWorks Animaton members like in the Madagascar movies and video games, the penguins in this series were all voiced by professional voice actors.

This is Nickelodeon's first DreamWorks deal, with the second being Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (2011).

The show was announced to be renewed for a 2nd season before it even premiered, same said for Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (2011).

This was the first ever TV show from DreamWorks.

The brand of the television in penguin's head quarter is "FISHYVISION". It can be seen on top-middle part of the television in some episodes.

Tom McGrath (Skipper), John DiMaggio (Rico), Andy Richter (Mort), and Conrad Vernon (Mason) are the only cast members from the films to reprise their roles while Jeff Bennett, James Stewart, Danny Jacobs, and Kevin Michael Richardson took over Christopher Miller, Chris Knights, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Cedric the Entertainer as Kowalski, Private, King Julien, and Maurice.

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    I am a nanny for two kids so watch a lot of cartoons. The Penguins of Madagascar are the best! The kids watch and I love the humor! I have tried to get my adult friends to watch but they look at me like I am crazy! You should give it a chance, it is great. Kowalski is always coughing up just the right thing and when the skipper talks to his log like star trek it cracks me up. I esp. love King Julien cause he butchers the English language in a very funny way. Love this show!!!! Not just for kids!!! I have started quoting the funniest lines, like "this calls for harsh mocking...mock, mock, mock" If I weren't so old, I could remember some more of these great lines. Check it out no matter how old you are!
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    Penguins of Madagascar is excellently executed. The four penguins, Skipper, Private, Kowalski, and Rico, have unique personalities that never fail to entertain. From serious to innocent, clear to unintelligible, the penguins capture your heart and make you jealous of their mad skills.

    Of course, King Julien, his adviser Maurice, and his prop Mort, have also come along for the ride. King Julien is ever the selfish King and party boy. Maurice is still the loyal right-hand man and Mort hasn't given up worshiping the ground King Julien sits, stands, or walks on, and doesn't seem to care when King Julien takes advantage of him or tells him he hates him.

    The monkey's are also still around. Just as before, they are a source of intelligence, class, and poo-flinging. The silent one can read and the talker is his translator, and the penguins often go to them for a quick written translation.

    These memorable characters from the move Madagascar are joined by many new, just as memorable ones. There's the female otter Marlene, who is a source of sensibility and, as a result, often balances out the penguins when they come up with some of their more unbelievable (or paranoid) ideas. Then there's the kangaroo (Joey?), who is a fantastic boxer and true Australian. He's able to give at least one penguin at a time a hard time. There's also an elephant, who is kind and forgiving, but also easily scared. There's also two gorilla's who can serve as bodyguards and have awesome Brooklyn accents. Put all these animals together with the newest neighbor's and the zoo had definitely turned into a zoo. The newest neighbor's are a bunch of iguana's, who speak with their eyes, and can get down with the lemurs, with their technicolor changing abilities.

    Of course, every show has to have its villains, and the main bad guy here is the zookeeper, Alice. She is constantly grumbling and mumbling about animals and suspects that the penguins are more than just regular zoo penguins. She is an obstacle the penguins often have to avoid.

    This show is serious and hilarious all at once. It's great for the kid, adult, and secret agent in you. Good for a nice relaxing sit down and to get your mind off other things in your life. Great show for kids (even without the penguin's little moral - and fishy - messages thrown it) and one that adults can enjoy with them.

    Usually, I find shows made after movies to be strained and boring, but this one is the exception. It really stands out in a day and age where more and more kid shows are full of toned down and hidden sex jokes or are just teen dramas.

    Penguins of Madagascar is a new kind of show and can hopefully pave the way for some more awesome shows to slip onto our TV networks and hearts.
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    I really think The Penguins and the Lemurs could be remembered in history on the same level with Tom&Jerry. So far, the show shows big promise...

    It has all the important ingredients: a never-ending conflict, laughable characters doing the most unlikely things and most important, a real sense of humor.

    Looking from this Tom&Jerry perspective, some of the action in the Penguins is similar, especially the "violent" action, but it's so different with different characters and settings.

    I love it, and I hope it will keep up like this.
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    I just love the TV series the animation and the voices that go with the characters are hysterically funny. I especially like King Julian. He has a way of speech that is humorous and he makes up his own words. He praises the Sky Spirit which is really funny. Danny Jacobs does a great job with King Julian's voice.

    I thought Sasha Cohen was King Julian in the TV series because Danny Jacobs sounds just like him. The dance movements of King Julian, the facial expressions especially the eyes make him one of the funniest characters in the series.

    In one of the TV episodes "Private" got King Julian's dance groove which was really funny and the Private could flap his flippers and do great moves like KJ.

    All the characters are unique and have their own thing which is carried over from the movie Madagascar.

    To me the best animated movies are the ones with the Penquins of Madagasgar, the TV Series Penguins and also Ice Age 1 and 2.

    The voices of Manny and Sloth are my favorite in Ice Age and also the opossums. I don't think anyone can make Sloth funnier, I die laughing just listening to his speech and the way he dramatizes, like laying across the rock on his back.

    They all have great animation, funny, silly characters and they basically kept the same or same sounding voices that made the character popular.

    All are lots of laughs and fun.
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    This Show is complete in every aspect story line,concept and presentation

    Big fan of Madagascar movie(Both Parts),& this is much due to LEGENDARY PENGUINS there are amazing awesome at peak

    When i seen that especially a new series coming of penguins of Madagascar i was quite excited and by far this is the best animated comedy show(South Park is Comparable But)This One is New and classic

    Basically the show is of 11 min (approx.)but in these 11 min it's a complete entertaining fun ride.

    It's totally different from the movie that is the point that makes this show much much entertaining .

    King Julien , Maurice & Mort additional package of this show is the major factor of this show success.


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    Now I will say I like the Madagascar movies, and one of the main reasons are the penguins. When I first heard of The Penguins of Madagascar, I was a little skeptical. Would it have a great concept, but not be funny or entertaining I wondered? After seeing the first episode, I became hooked to this show. It was so much better than my expectations, and I kind of prefer it to the movies. It does have a great concept, but it is not only funny, hilarious more like, but original as well.

    The animation is crisp, clean and smooth, with lovely backgrounds and all the characters move convincingly. The music is great, the main theme is truly memorable and the background music is works really well without becoming obtrusive.

    Not only that, the stories are very original and exciting, with the odd moral being introduced in a subtle sort of way. And I was so surprised at how much was fitted in in such a short running time without feeling lame, predictable or bloated. The humour also works superbly, not only in the hilarious dialogue but in the clever sight gags, and delivered at breakneck speed.

    Then there are the characters, I have always had a love for penguins dating from the countless times I used to watch Pingu as a toddler, and Skipper, Kowalski, Private and Rico are zany characters with unique personalities and priceless actions such as Kowalski talking to his log like Star Trek. Aside from the penguins, my favourite character is King Julien, I just love the way he butchers the English language, and his dance moves and facial expressions. Plus the voice acting is perfect, the voice actors all do a stellar job bringing their characters' personalities across.

    Overall, a wonderful show and a huge surprise. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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    With the Madagscar movie franchise it seems the penguins became very famous. So let's see how a series made especially for them works.

    It's hilarious, it's fun, it's entertaining and it has a lot of potential.

    I really hope it stays as long as the Spongebob series.

    So original, with lovable characters and a good story in each episode.

    It's funny when it wants to be, the cast is simply amazing.

    At first a show for them didn't seem like such a good idea, but let me tell you that it was the best idea anyone could have had for TV.

    Grown-ups give the show a chance kids and adults are bound to have a good time with the penguins. I really hope it stays that good 'cause you can't find any new show as successful as this, these days.

    It's a 10 of 10!!!
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    I grew up with Crusader Rabbit and was entering junior high school when Rocky and Bullwinkle first debuted. I honestly believe that "Penguins" is as close to Rocky as you can get as far as the humor is concerned. The humor in Penguins is classic and the I have recorded and watched every episode over and over again. The seriousness by which Kowalski comes up with his plans and "options" is hilarious when we see the final product which could have been drawn by a pre-schooler, or his inventions which are made up of sardine tins, etc. It's this type of humor that makes this so special. They think in adult terms but their actions are purely that of a child. It would eventually get boring without the other animals and the mix is just right for it to be effective. Julien's mastery of the English language is great. I really believe we have all known a Julien in our lives. The one person who knew it all and tried to command all the attention and notoriety while at the same time does not have a clue. Rico is perhaps my favorite character. The episodes with his girlfriend doll are great. My grandkids love "Penguins" and I get a kick out of watching them watch the show because it's obvious we are all getting something different from it. Great work. Keep it up.
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    Knights from Bernin

    completely excellent, ever since watching Madagascar i started pursuing these penguins, after over and over watching their scenes in the movies,i found out about their tvshow and it really gave me some joy ..i'm so deep in rap music and godfather-deniro type of movies and i respect them more than everyone, and these penguins just like them are a complete combination of good work and pure entertainment...

    so give'em a good review...

    skipper is my favorite..i just love the way he talks and boss around with the other think about their size and the fact that penguins are in a bigger size than these in real life,but a world of imagination can do a lot better,besides they're so cute this way...
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    Nick has finally astonished me, by finally showing a good show for once. Ever since 2008, nickelodeon was ditching all its good shows, and replacing them for terrible ones. And episodes of the remaining shows were just plain terrible. But Penguins of Madagascar fixed that problem in advance. The show takes what made the 90s cartoons great, zany action, and made it 3d and with the penguins we already loved from the Madagascar movies. This show is funny, actiony, and very easy to get involved in. It's great for children, and sometimes even teenagers. It features some characters from the movie, the lemurs, the monkeys, and of course the penguins. Each episode is almost completely different, unlike Fanboy and Chum Chum which every episode is about frosty freezy freeze. And the jokes are almost always hilarious. But then again the show IS by dreamworks, which produced hilarious movies like Shark Tale and Shrek. So this show is really a comeback for nickelodeon. If nick could make more shows this funny and good, they could become the great network it was in the 90's and early 2000's.
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    First off, I was totally stoked when I heard the penguins were getting their own show...until I actually saw it. The selling point to me was I was going to see more of what made me watch the Madagascar movies...THE PENGUINS! For some unknown reason the writers feel the 4 penguins alone are not enough, so they have to have the monkeys (which are cool in moderation), a otter-girl (she's OK), and Julien, Mort and the other marsupial thing (what kills the show). So instead of a show focusing on the antics of 4 penguins, we now have 2 15-min episodes featuring 9 characters, with LOTS of Julien's same "I am king Julien blah blah blah". The show would be A lot better if the just did 1 30-minute cartoon and cut out the unnecessary sidekicks...either let the otter-girl "sidekick" one show, or let the monkeys do it. The marsupials do the same exact thing they did in both movies. I want to see more of the psychotic navy-seal commando penguins, and stop serving them up to Julien.
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    Spongebob grows weaker, and nothing strong has come in anytime soon. What else, then Penguins to invade The Penguins are a laugh, their personalities blend yet clash in a funny way, Leader Skipper, Brains Kowalski, Youth Private and just insane Ricco make this show a riot.

    The humor in the show is a good laugh, from over exaggerated military operations, to weird experiments this show gives a ranged dosage of humor to its viewers.

    It loses points however, because of a lack of a good antagonist. Julian is too lazy and stuck up for a good antagonist and Alice hasn't done anything truly evil. Give them their version of Plankton, and the show will be great. Maybe that Blowhole that Skipper has been talking about
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    My son is 15 and loves this show so much he literally sets an alarm and gets up at 3:00 AM just to watch the reruns. Knowing he was so dedicated and after some time of being asked, I finally gave in and watched a few episodes with him. You know what? for a "Y-7" kids show, it's very good!

    All four penguins are very likable and unique. It's actually hard to pick out a favorite, but I'm going to have to go with Private. The voice acting is great and dynamic, the computer animation very clean and vibrant, and the stories are fun. Some episodes are okay, some are good, and some are laugh-out-loud funny, even for adults. The okay episodes are why I didn't give the show a higher overall rating.

    Of the secondary characters, I like all three lemurs, but other than John DiMaggio's elephant (because, you know, JOHN DIMAGGIO), I'm either indifferent or actively dislike them. Another reason for my 7 out of 10 rating.

    I hope Penguins is brought back, because it's a total rock star compared to most of that channel's current Y-7 programming.
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    this spin off of the popular movies puts the penguins in a new world with new characters and awesome humor and action. All hail king Julien is terrible,but this is awesome. the best part is the lemurs. King Juliens voice actor is different here, but he does a good job because he sounds like SBG. I like this a lot. It is a great romp of action,humor,and more. this saved Nick from perishing. although SpongeBob is now better, Nick still has terrible shows that should be canceled... But the penguins made Nick a better place. I hope 2016 has some more shows like this on Nick. It is getting 10 stars for outstanding humor,action,animation,and most importantly, the penguins! Great job,Dreamworks and Nick! keep up the good work! or not............
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    I liked the three Madagascar movies but in my opinion, the show was even better. The animation is great, the characters and jokes are funny, and the whole thing in general is just awesome. I give PoM a 10 out of 10.
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    This show is awsome. It has good animation likeable characters and funny humour. The only problem is that the animation is a little to cartoony.
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    Well, so much for having the same quality animation. It's still pretty good for a "Saturday morning cartoon" though.

    Mostly the show is about the penguins, but they've thrown in King Julian and his cronies, as well as the spider monkeys and a newcomer female otter.

    I can't really put my finger on it, but the penguins just don't come across as funny as they are in the movies. Perhaps it's the 15 minute format, or the fact that they deal mostly with other animals (I always found them funniest when they were knocking out humans and stealing their cargo container ships), whatever it is they just don't seem to pull it off as well as they do in the movies. They could add a little more spider monkey into the shows, they were always pretty funny. Still, it is an entertaining series. Definitely better than your usual cheapo cartoon.

    I can't believe all the people giving this series ten stars. It's not bad, but not 10 stars worth.
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    I watched this show after the kids choice awards. It had some funny parts but it had a lot of overrated jokes. especially when the penguins thought they landed on the moon and ran into a cat they thought was an alien. I saw that same skit in Sponge bob Square pants. I just hope the series will improve. It is definitely different from "Madagascar" but it has the same lovable characters besides some of the original Characters. I think kids will learn to like it or hate it. I guess its OK but it is not the greatest thing i ever saw. Now to finish this up for you its a funny show but has a lot of overrated cheap jokes that you saw from sponge bob or rocko's modern life. I suppose Nick is still trying with new shows
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    I've seen some of the episodes of this show, I don't regularly watch it but If I'm bored I may watch it on occasion. At times I laugh but only from the penguins. Considering the name of the show that should be the primary focus. Unfortunately the lemurs were thrown in. The only one that really grinds my gears is King Julian. In the movies he was usually at least a somewhat amusing character, in this series his personality is incredibly irritating. That is my only big issue with the series. The other non-penguin characters are at least passable, if not all too humorous. Expect the same from the penguins. If anything, this show should focus more or only on their military-style antics.