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Redwall From Marshes to Mountain Heights (1999– ) HD online

Redwall From Marshes to Mountain Heights (1999– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Adventure / Drama / Family / Fantasy / Romance
Original Title: From Marshes to Mountain Heights
Director: Luc Bihan,Raymond Jafelice
Writers: Michelle Goodeve,Brian Jacques
Released: 1999–
Duration: 21min
Video type: TV Episode
Martin wakes in time to see The Warden under attack and runs to his aid - but his other companions sleep on, unaware as the battle rages. Brome, on his way to being a hero, passes himself off as a corsair and is able to re-enter the dreaded Marshank, where he manages to contact Keyla and announce his plan to save ALL the slaves. Badrang hatches a plot to get rid of Clogg forever. The slaves excitedly await release from the prison pit but as Brome moves the heavy grating they are seen by a guard who races to raise the alarm. Brome is able to convince the guard that he is acting on Badrang's orders, which must not be questioned, and drops INTO the pit. There he kicks down the wall to reveal Grumm's old hidden escape tunnel to freedom! Meanwhile, as Martin battles to save The Warden, Rose and the others awake and rush to help him. They head for the distant mountains but are attacked by THE GAWTRYBE, unruly and unpredictable rogue squirrels. Martin is forced into combat with WAKK, their ...
Episode credited cast:
Tyrone Savage Tyrone Savage - Matthias (voice)
Alison Pill Alison Pill - Cornflower (voice)
Janet Wright Janet Wright - Constance (voice)
Chris Wiggins Chris Wiggins - Abbot Mortimer (voice)
Richard Binsley Richard Binsley - Basil Stag Hare (voice)
Diego Matamoros Diego Matamoros - Cluny the Scourge (voice)
Graham Haley Graham Haley - Foremole / Shrew #2 (voice)
Susan Roman Susan Roman - Jess (voice)
Lawrence Bayne Lawrence Bayne - Fangburn / Killconey / Shrew #1 (voice)
David Hemblen David Hemblen - Asmodeus (voice)
Bruce Dow Bruce Dow - Log-a-Log (voice)
Marion Day Marion Day - Guosim (voice)
Tracey Moore Tracey Moore - Warbeak (voice)
Ellen-Ray Hennessy Ellen-Ray Hennessy - Dunwing (voice)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Lindsey Connell Lindsey Connell - Rose (voice)