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Nomad (2002) HD online

Nomad (2002) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie
Original Title: Nomad
Director: Matt Eggers
Writers: Matt Eggers
Released: 2002
Video type: Movie
Jack is the nomad of the film's title. He is a homeless street performer who brings Shakespeare's soliloquies to life each afternoon on various street corners around the city of Denver. He moves around the urban landscape from park bench to bus bench with his best friend, an aging dog named Bones. Contrary to the homeless stereotype, Jack's existence is ruled by discipline. He carefully plans every day of his life, leaving nothing to chance. Lucy is a theater student at the city university. She comes upon Jack's performance one afternoon. Fascinated, she pursues him, bent on learning who he is and where he comes from. When Lucy discovers Jack is from the neighborhood she grew up in, she is determined to learn how this man could fall from the comfort of suburbia to living on the streets. They begin an unlikely friendship. She travels to various locations of Jack's performances, accompanying him afterwards to his bench. She is intrigued by his knowledge of Shakespeare, manner of living ...
Cast overview, first billed only:
Matthew Pinkerton Matthew Pinkerton - Jack
Amanda Revell Amanda Revell - Lucy
Richard Dean Richard Dean - Charlie
Jeff Nicholson Jeff Nicholson - Lucy's Father
Arizona Winters Arizona Winters - Director
Chris Mast Chris Mast - Joel
Steve Krening Steve Krening - Theseus
Jenna Messer Jenna Messer - Chorus
Cathryn Farnsworth Cathryn Farnsworth - Ismene
Mariah Martin Mariah Martin - Lucy's Friend
Ken Kovar Ken Kovar - Morty
Jim Griffin Jim Griffin - Jewler
Joe Black Joe Black - Policeman
Joe Quillin Joe Quillin - Driver
Kanoa Jones Kanoa Jones - Bookseller

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    I was researching to write a screenplay about a homeless man and, through some internet searches, came across this production by Matthew Eggers and Stephen Zinn. It was no longer being distributed so I contacted them personally to ask what it would take to receive "Nomad." They graciously mailed me a copy and I watched it this afternoon. For whatever reason, the main character's (Jack played by Matthew Pinkerton) voice is replaced by a voice-over(Stuart Sanks). That distracts a bit from the main story. However, the film exhibits a low-budget elegance that will appeal to the genuinely artistic. Both primary characters, Jack and Lucy (Amanda Revell), as well as the dialogues, are textured and well-executed. The film is just what I believe a low-budget film should be. It's meaningful, raw, and original. Go through the trouble of getting a copy of this film. It is well worth the effort.