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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Animation / Action / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Hand Shakers
Video type: TV Series
This is a story about "hand shakers", partners have superpoers and compete with similar people in a empty world called Ziggurat. Shows journey of protagonist who is Mecha geek , to meet god...Though is doesn't want to...
Series cast summary:
Christopher Wehkamp Christopher Wehkamp - Nagaoka 2 episodes, 2017

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    This a story of a boy meeting a girl and their relationship. One of the things that may discourage people from this anime is the fact that there's nothing particularly new or innovative, but just the same, this show tells a story that I found to be emotional, meaningful, and enjoyable.

    The chemistry between the two main characters is there instantly, and it's a believable connection as well. Tazuna and Koyori are reliant upon each other in the end. Tazuna keeps Koyori alive and Koyori gives him the power to fight off their enemies.

    Also just as important are the moments between battles, with two teenagers being teenagers. The romance is not very subtle, but there's no denying that it's endearing and cute. It made me want to cheer for them more and more with each passing episode.

    Also augmenting to the show is a soundtrack that combines classical music with electronic music. The piano and the beats work well with each other and only further make the tone of the moment noticeable. You can't mistake what the mood is when a soundtrack is playing.

    The art style can take some time to adjust to, but there is a certain beauty to it. the colors are vibrant, the animations are well-done.

    I hear that this anime borrows from another anime titled "K." I don't know this to be true, so I'll have to look "K" up to see. Otherwise, I'm not really sure what people are complaining about.

    As a person who's quiet and a bit shy, I found myself latching onto the show and its characters instantly.
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    Story: The story is a loveless, generic, repetitive mess. It's completely constructed and inauthentic. There's even a filler episode.

    Characters: The Characters are blunt and emotionless. Sometimes they have wrong or no reactions to they're situation, which there are never reflecting or even think about. The relationships between the Characters are completely constructed and inauthentic too. The side characters are boring and do have no personality neither. Their introductions are horrible. (Koyori isn't even a Character!) Art-style: To his Credit: It has a own and remarkable art style! ...a pity that is so bad: The lighting is awkward and and the textures are low-resoluted and sometimes without shaders. The mixture between 2D-and 3D-textures is a bad idea too, because they are sometimes not synchronous (tracking shots). The coloring isn't good too: There are pointless sparkles and everything looks like clean and Chrome or clean chrome.

    Music: lower average.

    Setting: boring and unintelligent: through it's construction it can never be solved and so it's not possible to achieve a major plot point (like in Mirai Nikki). That's making it pointless!

    The Anime is a incoherent and lazy mess. It's boring and adds noting new to the Anime market. It seems like the makers didn't even try! There's little to no effort put in this...thing. And that's perceptible IN EVERY FRAME! If you want to tell a story, you must have a story to tell! It makes so many, so elementary mistakes, that i just feel betrayed. It's like watching a mirror that is punching one in the face! Not even the title is wright: It's called "Hand Shakers" but there are HOLDING hands. Who had that idea? All in all it's a waste of time and money and it pays no respect to the audience and is just in every way insulting. The story is bad, the characters are boring and the art style is beyond awkward.