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Gangoobai (2013) HD online

Gangoobai (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Family
Original Title: Gangoobai
Director: Priya Krishnaswamy
Writers: Priya Krishnaswamy,Rayomand J. Patell
Released: 2013
Duration: 1h 50min
Video type: Movie
Gangoobai, a Maid-in-Matheran, has lived a life with simple aspirations, until one day she finds a new purpose of buying a designer sari. She follows her dream to the big city of Mumbai.
Credited cast:
Sarita Joshi Sarita Joshi - Gangoobai
Purab Kohli Purab Kohli - Waman Ponkshe
Mita Vasisht Mita Vasisht - Daksha
Raj Zutshi Raj Zutshi - Rohan (as Rajendranath Zutshi)
Gopi Desai Gopi Desai - Mrs. Tahiliani
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Aparna Kanekar Aparna Kanekar - Malanbai
Behram Rana Behram Rana - Jamshyd Mistry
Rushad Rana Rushad Rana - Khushru Mistry
Ankita Shrivastav Ankita Shrivastav - Santripti (as Ankita Shrivastava)
Nidhi Sunil Nidhi Sunil - Monisha
Ardra Swaroop Ardra Swaroop - Simone's assistant

Reviews: [8]

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    Exactly, dare to dream. A simple story told so beautifully, you just wish the movie wouldn't end. How a simple heart can touch millions of people is just something which we know exists, but find hard to believe. Particular is the scene where the designer (R Zutshi)rushes and demands to know from Mita Vasisht, who the 'bai' is who has taken over a well known client, and the bai (Sarita Joshi) says innocently 'Upar wale ne kya kala dee hai aapke haatho may...' These simple words spoken in a true manner touch him so much that his anger just evaporates in seconds. A terrified/skeptical Sarita Joshi comes from Matheran to Mumbai 'just' to purchase a Saree. Its 'just' a Saree to us, but its her dream. Shes toiled hard for four years, working endlessly and skipping meals so that she could save money for her dream. Mita Vasisht as usual does her job well. Purab Joshi is getting better as an actor, although he has yet to learn a lot, but I'm sure he will. The dusky model (sorry i don't know her name) is good. She should work on her dialect. The parsi millionaire and his grandson have done justice to their part. However, the showstopper (like as said in the movie about the 'dream' Saree) is Sarita Joshi. Everyone started admiring her talent from Baa Bahu Aur Baby, and here she has delivered her best performance to date. Krishnaswamy Priya has done a fabulous job and obviously the entire credit goes to him. I wish NFDC would make more movies, meaningful movies. I miss movies like Karamaati Coat, Woh Chokri, etc. All in all, watch it, n I'm sure you will love it.
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    A Sensible Superb movie after a long time - Hats Off. Direction is incredible. Presentation is superb. Emotional touch is just as needed. Perfect Story line. Excellent performance by characters. True Moral for the depleting society. Movie around the desire, happiness which is way above money and materialistic things. Gangoobai a small town poor lady house-worker has been portrayed as Main character. How the different strata of people gets connected to her and seek inspiration in their own life. How her strong will power made her achieve what would be virtually impossible for a house-worker to get a designer Saree. Thanks for this. Keep up the good work with such movies more often -- Sachin K Rai.
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    Gangoobai is terrific. Both, the movie and the lead character so marvelously played by Sarita Joshi not because it induces strong emotions, but it tells a tale of super moral and talks about the way we are or try to be in this YOLO generation.

    A self-made woman, Gangoobai sets on a journey from Matheran to Mumbai only to buy a sari that made her go gaga once and all, every time she thinks of it. What unfold is a series of beautiful moments that induct life values. Zutshi & Vasisht have acted so beautifully, they make a good cast. Nidhi Sunil tried her best, but she'll need to work harder. Purab Kohli is genuine and fantastic as the lover-boy.

    What the movie teaches us has been a lesson we all have been waiting for and Gangoobai makes it very simple without gaudy dance numbers, slapstick or improbable situations. Instead, it soothes and towards end, the exaggerated sentimental piece prove to be very touching as I am quite sure it will move you.

    This is a movie I had been waiting for lately to come & grab my heart totally. But, through a critic's eyes, the direction needs to have more panache, and the screenplay is average, cinematography and camera-work is poor. Editing could've been better while music is good and as a whole, it was a wonderful experience to watch.

    BOTTOM LINE: Go for it and you will not be disappointed by the story & performances.

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    Language: Very Mild | Sex: No | Nudity: Mediocre | Mouth-Kiss: Mediocre | Violence: No | Gore: No | Alcohol: Mild | Smoking: Mild | | Drugs: No
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    A random search on 2013 Hindi movies (sorted by rating) got me to this title, that I had never heard of. NFDC production further picked my interest, and I landed up in YouTube, watching the entire movie. What a sweet little movie. I know, it has many script flaws, unreasonable flow of the movie, all that, but what Bollywood film doesn't have that! Beyond all that, it is well acted (don't expect a Vishal Bharadwaj film here or so). But all the actors are well cast. The lead actor Sarita Joshi has done a fab job, as well as the Purab Kohli. Its a feel good script, executed well. Its a simple story, but a heart touching one. It reminded me of Dasvidaniya (though that's a very powerful film, and apparently Sarita Joshi acts in that too). Watch the film! Highly recommended.
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    I had read about Gangoobai while it was in the making and wanted to see it (perhaps more due to the Matheran connection), but never even noticed when it actually released. I guess it did not get a long enough run in the theatres.

    Eventually, I saw this on an Emirates flight a couple of days ago.

    In a nutshell, this is a beautifully taken feel good movie. I loved it.

    Sarita Joshi is simply superb, bringing out every nuance of her role in a most realistic manner. Actually, everyone did their part superbly and very believably. The cinematography is excellent, the story line endearing and overall the movie is a superb must watch.

    This may be a tad slow for a young audience or for those that prefer the typical action packed Bollywood fare. I enjoy those too in doses, but I enjoyed Gangoobai immensely.

    Gangoobai deserves better publicity. I hope at least that viewers will get to see it on TV. Emirates deserves credit for screening this film.

    To anyone who reads this, do watch Gangoobai. You will not regret it.
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    Gangoobai works so well because of the incredible performance of Sarita Joshi. The film makers scoured a coup in casting her as the film's chief protagonist, for she is in every frame and carries it all on her deceptively frail looking shoulders. The other characters are caricatures, from the gay designer and bitch starlet to the brat business heir and the low self esteem model. But when connected to Gangoobai, they all come alive in such a way as to evoke sympathy. Gangoobai was screened by the Godrej Culture Lab at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai as part of World Parsi Congress, mainly because the story revolves around Gangoobai's grand obsession of buying herself a Parsi 'gara' sari. I do hope it's eventually screened on TV because it is a very engaging, very entertaining film and a wider audience deserves to see it.
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    I have started watching this movie with very less expectations, but as the story line progresses it turned out to be a wonderful movie. The screenplay was like a poetry and camera work is like art. I feel as if i am looking paintings of sunset near the sea and sunrise in the mountains.

    I actually felt the wind of Mumbai night roads. I feel as if the movie was made in some other era the color shades were from a dreamworld. I saw the Mumbai without traffic jams and horns, you go for simple street dinner and no one in your vicinity everything was cool and charming, no rush no hurry simply a feeling of relaxation and tranquility just like a dream. I never saw Mumbai as beautiful still i felt the whole movie was shot in Mumbai and not in some other destination.

    A story of a simplistic woman who saw a dream and strives to fulfill it. Many persons come with her contact during her journey and her simplicity turned them into better person. The movie gives us message that small things gives us pleasure of life, friendly chit chat, pleasure of doing hard work and a sense of equality.

    Sometimes the story become dramatic but still it was pleasure to watch.
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    There is always conflict in life, and most of the time these stress points happen because of other humans. However we know from history (and experience)that the male response has been violent and aggressive; but here, in this world of empowered females, the reaction to stress is compassion and empathy and gentle love - and the results are amazing!

    This is a great movie and will leave a lasting impression on all who watch it.