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Beauty (1998) HD online

Beauty (1998) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Romance
Original Title: Beauty
Director: Jerry London
Writers: Susan Wilson,Selma Thompson
Released: 1998
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
The "beauty" is talented painter Alix Miller. Her father, Alexander, is scheduled to go to the isolated Crompton mansion in New Hampshire to paint a family portrait of the mysterious, reclusive author Lee Crompton, but he falls ill and cannot. Alix decides to take his place. Much to her shock, Lee is horribly disfigured from a disease called acromegaly. Still, she has an obligation and so goes on with the painting. But as time goes on, they finds themselves increasingly drawn romantically to each other, despite the enigmatic Lee's own fears.
Cast overview:
Janine Turner Janine Turner - Alix Miller
Jamey Sheridan Jamey Sheridan - Lee Crompton
Linden Ashby Linden Ashby - Mark Kramer
Shirley Broderick Shirley Broderick - Mrs. Greaves
Malcolm Stewart Malcolm Stewart - Father McClellan
Kevin McNulty Kevin McNulty - Dr. Braedon
Hal Holbrook Hal Holbrook - Alexander Miller
Lossen Chambers Lossen Chambers - Robin
Jenafor Ryane Jenafor Ryane - Danitra
Kett Turton Kett Turton - Sean
Patricia Dahlquist Patricia Dahlquist - Laurie Kramer (as Pat Dalquist)
David Kaye David Kaye - Tommy Harris
Deborah DeMille Deborah DeMille - Tommy's Mother (as Deborah Demille)
Andrew Airlie Andrew Airlie - Joel
Peter Yunker Peter Yunker - Emcee

Reviews: [12]

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    I have never been a huge fan of Janine Turner. Most of her movies are palatable though. Jamie Sheridan makes this film. If you can watch a romance movie and believe the male actors in it then you have a great movie. In romance films we always believe the female because they are the emotional ones. Hal Holbrooke is his usual wonderful self and this movie is one that if you like romances you could watch more than once. The scenery is lovely and being a huge fan of age old Beauty and the Beast story. This is a pretty good one. Janine Turner turns in her usual sweet performance and I loved the name of his dog. Good job to all involved.
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    I stumbled on this movie one day when there was nothing else that interested me, WOW, it's a beautiful take on the Beauty and Beast story. I've never been a big fan of Janine Turner, but she played this one without going over the top. I AM a big fan of Jamey Sheridan, but he blew me away with this one, his eyes and his voice were so mesmerizing, especially that gentle voice. He wasn't just playing a part, he became the "beast", and surely convinced anyone who has seen it that beauty is indeed found on the inside. I've tried everything I can think of to find it, it's just the type of feel good movie to pop in when you're home alone and need a lift. If anyone out there knows where to find it, PLEASE let me know!!
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    This is a great film! Great acting. Well done.This is a must see. It communicates the important value of not only seeing the best in others, but believing in your self in spite of what society or the media tells us. It also speaks to the fact that all individuals deserve respect (especially me!) This is shown in the relationship between Alix and Mark. Mark is a great contrast to the unselfish Lee. Jamey S and Janine T are great in their roles.The facial expressions are marvelous.
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    I really loved the movie called Beauty with Hal Holbrook. It was a warm-feeling movie that captured the heart of true love. The Beast character was excellent. Instead of having him look "beastly" he just looked like a man with a slight problem. He was warm and giving and he made you believe that nothing was wrong. Ms. Turner was excellent in the role of the artist. She is a great actress.

    My mother watches this movie every time it's on. I would like to purchase the movie for her but cannot locate it anywhere. Could someone let me know where I could buy it?

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    A warm and touching movie. This is not really Beauty & The Beast revisited; the beast is not very ugly in this movie, but rather a freaky Jay Leno look-a-like. The Beauty is charming, but why does she have to have a boyfriend before she meets the beast, I wonder. But why wonder, when one can enjoy. The movie works and that's what counts.
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    I think this move was just mindblowingly amazing. I always loved Beauty and the Beast, and this by far, is my favorite version. It's modern and well written, and Jamey and Janine has wonderful on-screen chemistry.

    This version consists of an artist, Alix Miller, who is hired to paint a portrait of Lee Crompton. She drives to his estate and stays there while in the process of painting Lee's portrait. She is shocked to see when she meets him that he has acromegaly and is disfigured from it.

    I personally didn't think he looked bad at all! I thought he looked fine for having acromegaly and I loved both the actors actions and reactions towards each other.

    You can tell that they loved each other deeply and that Lee was afraid of getting hurt again, because that happened to him each time he fell in love.

    But it ended wonderfully! I'd have loved to seen a further ending though, perhaps when they get married or have children. It simply ended with them kissing next to a fountain.

    I love this movie! And I know you will too once you see it! =)
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    Even though I saw it by pieces (I was in the hospital), I have always wanted to see it again! I loved what I saw, the actors did such a good job. I regret not being able to see the whole movie. I wish it were on video I would definetly buy it.
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    I don't like weepy stuff but sometimes in this very fast world there is need for something true. There was a great creation of a very big problem shown in a friendly story. I this respect I really liked this movie when I saw it, my highest recommendation!
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    This movie isn't perfect, I mean it's a Lifetime movie so it has its sappy moments. I am so glad I stumbled upon this movie when flipping mindlessly through the channels. This is modern adaptation of Beauty and the Beast based on the book, Beauty by Susan Wilson where Beauty is an artist and Beast is a lonely writer. The on screen chemistry between Janine Turner and Jamey Sheridan is what makes this movie wonderful and worth seeing. So many moments of this were heartwarming and overall this movie emphasizes admirable themes of a classic fairytale. If you like romantic movies, this is a good choice---only down-side---it's not available on DVD so you need to check ahead on Lifetime to see when it's on. It's worth the wait.
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    I just caught the last hour of the movie "Beauty" with Janine Turner and Hal Holbrook plus other actors it was made in 1998 for TV and its been on Lifetime Movie Network over and over again and I just fell in love with it again. I looked to see if it was going to be on again and it will be tomorrow afternoon May 10, 2006 at 2:35 et on Lifetime Movie Network. I am going to attempt taping it but I don't know if it's going to work. I had seen the movie a few years ago on TV and started searching for the movie after that time but had no luck finding it then. It reminded me of a modern day Beauty and the Beast movie. If anybody knows how to get a copy of the movie either on VHS or DVD I would love to get a copy. Thank you.
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    I have now seen this film 10 times and plan to watch it a whole lot more, i think it is fantastic i just wish i could get in touch with Jamey and Janine to tell them .Anyone know if they have fan clubs