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Staying Single When? (2007) HD online

Staying Single When? (2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Romance
Original Title: Staying Single When?
Director: Tom Som
Writers: Anji Loman Field
Released: 2007
Duration: 1h 39min
Video type: Movie
An upper-class young Cambodian man sets out to find a suitable young wife.
Credited cast:
Khem Bophavy Khem Bophavy - Ley
Meng Bunlo Meng Bunlo - Sarun
Kun Daravan Kun Daravan - Chayk
Talong Kanaro Talong Kanaro - Towen
Pov Kison Pov Kison - Otdom
Pheng Nerday Pheng Nerday - Kaly
Saray Sakana Saray Sakana - Vanny
Oul Samang Oul Samang - Neang
Ol Samnang Ol Samnang - Neang
Ay Sarem Ay Sarem - Poa
Duch Sophea Duch Sophea - Somalie
Chhin Sotheary Chhin Sotheary - Rithyka

The first film to be released by Cambodia's independent film studio, Khmer Mekong Films.

The story for 'Staying Single When?' was based on writer Anji Loman Field's conversation with a Phnom Penh taxi driver. He told her he was at last getting married having had difficulty in finding a wife for the last 20 years.