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Once Every Day (2012) HD online

Once Every Day (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie
Original Title: Once Every Day
Director: Richard Foreman
Writers: Richard Foreman
Released: 2012
Duration: 1h 7min
Video type: Movie
Takes you into another world that is consistently energizing, largely pleasurable, occasionally baffling and altogether unexpected.
Credited cast:
Dana Block Dana Block
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Ryan Cupello Ryan Cupello
Abby Marianetti Abby Marianetti

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    Sometimes it would make sense to read about the movie you are about to watch. I will still stick to my "surprise" tactic though and be surprised by what I'm about to watch. This movie made by a theater director as I learned after watching the movie (though it won't surprise anyone), has not a clear story. We are treated many different situations that don't have a connection.

    I wouldn't even call the people involved in this "actors" or what you see in it "acting". Performers and performance would be a more appropriate word. Obviously I don't mean that in any bad way or anything. It will become clear once you watch the movie or at least the trailer. Something you might consider doing, before jumping into this "adventure". So you can still decide if this movie is something you want to spend (a short amount of) time watching