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A Mother's Faith (1911) HD online

A Mother's Faith (1911) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Short
Original Title: A Motheru0027s Faith
Released: 1911
Video type: Movie
The spoiled son of a wealthy man is expelled from college. He regards it as rather a good joke, but his father warns him that he will have but one more chance to make good. The "chance" is in a broker's office, where the young man airily neglects business, and is finally discharged. He rather welcomes it, however, has an enjoyable evening with some college chums, and returns late at night in exuberant spirits. Angry words are exchanged between father and son, which end in the younger man being ordered out of the house. His mother and sister plead in vain. They might have gained pardon for him had it not been for the drunken bravado displayed by the youth. The son has no special training nor ambition. He rapidly degenerates into a common tramp. In a city park one day, he picks up a newspaper. One item that strikes his eye tells of the death of his father and he realizes that his way is clear if he wants to return home. He returns with all speed to the residence of his parents. He ...
Cast overview:
James Cruze James Cruze - The Errant Son
Florence La Badie Florence La Badie - The Loyal Daughter

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    In this story, a rich man's prodigal son gets the grand bounce by his dad. A little later the father falls dead. In another city the boy reads of his father's death and catches a freight train home, like a ragged tramp. He meets his sister at the gate and she won't let him come dressed as he is, but shows him his mother through a window. She is seen weeping over his photograph. The picture makes him brace up and go to work. When he has made a man of himself he asks his mother's pardon. The sister's part is not played very convincingly. The picture is interesting, but has no very fresh idea. The latter half of it is much the best. It is pleasingly acted and very well photographed. There are some interesting tramp-life scenes in it. - The Moving Picture World, November 25, 1911