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Stop the Pain 804 (2009) HD online

Stop the Pain 804 (2009) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: Stop the Pain 804
Director: Craig Santy
Writers: Craig Santy
Released: 2009
Budget: $150,000
Video type: Movie
StopThePain804 is a documentary that was born out of need. TV & Film Producer Craig Santy, and Police Chief John Venuti of VCU worked together on a crime reality series for A&E called Crime 360. Santy produced the series, and Venuti and his team worked the cases, all homicides. The two decided something needed to be done about the violence that was tearing the city apart from within. The StopThePain804 documentary took a major step towards changing the way people, especially young people view violence. "If we can change the way people think about violence, we can change their behavior" said Chief Venuti. The StopThePain804 film ignited a full-scale anti-violence movement within the City of Richmond, supported by the Chief of Police, the Mayor and dozens of public and private organizations. The film was shown in public schools, juvenile justice programs and at community groups and churches- an unprecedented move, in order to reach as many at-risk individuals as possible with this ...
Credited cast:
John Venuti John Venuti - Himself
Mark Williams Mark Williams - Himself

Families of victim's from the hit TV series "Crime 360" on A&E participated in this documentary.

A large portion of the money used to make the documentary came from the Federal Gov't from seized drug money during drug busts.