» » Unter der Sonne Kaliforniens What If? (1979–1993)

Unter der Sonne Kaliforniens What If? (1979–1993) HD online

Unter der Sonne Kaliforniens What If? (1979–1993) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama / Romance
Original Title: What If?
Director: Jerome Courtland
Writers: David Jacobs,Parke Perine
Released: 1979–1993
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
The police soon realize that everyone had a motive for killing Danny, but Frank is the only one without an alibi. Karen is depressed over her attack and is afraid to leave the house. Val and Gary ask Mack and Karen to be in their wedding. Paige doesn't go to work and tries to get a new job, but isn't offered any. Linda uses Paige's absence to try to ingratiate herself to Greg. Linda's upset when she hears Greg call Paige and offer her a big promotion and raise. Kate and Greg have a nice talk, and she tells him he and Claudia are exactly alike. Anne calls her ex-lover, Marco Conti, who is rich and married, and tells him they're being blackmailed. It's actually Anne who's doing the blackmailing. Marco says he'll take care of it, and sends Nick Schillace to Knots Landing.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
William Devane William Devane - Gregory Sumner
Kevin Dobson Kevin Dobson - M. 'Mack' Patrick MacKenzie
Michele Lee Michele Lee - Karen MacKenzie
Pat Petersen Pat Petersen - Michael Fairgate (as Patrick Petersen)
Michelle Phillips Michelle Phillips - Anne Matheson
Larry Riley Larry Riley - Frank Williams
Ted Shackelford Ted Shackelford - Gary Ewing
Nicollette Sheridan Nicollette Sheridan - Paige Matheson
Joan Van Ark Joan Van Ark - Valene Waleska
Sam Behrens Sam Behrens - Danny Waleska
Stacy Galina Stacy Galina - Kate Whittaker
Joseph Gian Joseph Gian - Det. Tom Ryan
Kathleen Noone Kathleen Noone - Claudia Whittaker
Betsy Palmer Betsy Palmer - Virginia Bullock
Lar Park-Lincoln Lar Park-Lincoln - Linda Fairgate