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Two Fools There Were (1912) HD online

Two Fools There Were (1912) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Two Fools There Were
Released: 1912
Video type: Movie
The homely, even-tenored life of the two brothers of this story was very uncommonly interrupted by an accident which they happened to witness. While out hunting they noticed an automobile accident and ran to the assistance of its occupants. They found the chauffeur only slightly bruised, while the other occupant, a very pretty young society lady, was severely stunned. They carried the fair victim to their home, where their parents and friends nursed her back to health. In the meantime, the two brothers had fallen for the charms of their visitor, and had daily presented her with an abundance of floral tokens and other marks of esteem. Such was their attention that their brotherly love grew to rivalry only to be followed by intense hatred, and in a fit of madness both brothers set out to hunt each other with the avowed purpose of murder. Fortunately they did not meet until after they came home, only to find that the young coquette had been called for by her father, who left a note ...

Original French title is undetermined.