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Resurrection Mary (2007) HD online

Resurrection Mary (2007) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror / Romance / Thriller
Original Title: Resurrection Mary
Director: Sean Michael Beyer
Writers: Sean Michael Beyer,Ryan Lamaster
Released: 2007
Duration: 1h 31min
Video type: Movie
On a dark and creepy road, teenager Jeff Pryce nearly runs down a beautiful, yet mysterious young girl walking alone by Resurrection Cemetery. Jeff offers to give her a ride and by the time he drops her off, a mutual attraction is obvious. But Jeff's life begins to spin out of control shortly after he asks "Mary" to be his date at Homecoming -- as one by one, his friends are brutally murdered. Having spent time in juvenile hall, Jeff becomes the prime suspect. Who is Mary? Why is everyone around him dying? And will Jeff's desperate measures to clear his name put him face-to-face with the real killer?


Cast overview, first billed only:
Kevin G. Schmidt Kevin G. Schmidt - Jeff Pryce
Pamela Jean Noble Pamela Jean Noble - Mary (as Pamela Jean)
Sally Kirkland Sally Kirkland - Lois
Kristin Herrera Kristin Herrera - Karen
Richard Riehle Richard Riehle - Detective Mahoney
Sean Marquette Sean Marquette - Curtis
Charlie Schlatter Charlie Schlatter - Detective Richards
Kyle Davis Kyle Davis - Peter Johnson
Lauren Storm Lauren Storm - Erica
Dustin Dugas Schuetter Dustin Dugas Schuetter - Kevin (as Dustin Schuetter)
Janet Rotblatt Janet Rotblatt - Old Mary
Robert Stack Robert Stack - Himself (archive footage)
Raquel Elizabeth Ames Raquel Elizabeth Ames - Officer Carter (as Rachel Elizabeth Ames)
Mikel Arvizu Mikel Arvizu - Officer Baker
Guy Barile Guy Barile - Unsolved Taxi Driver

Reviews: [10]

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    I'm not such a great fan of the thriller genre but somehow ended up watching this movie.

    The first thing that hit me was how bad the acting was. All of the performances were lackluster and there are a few movies I've seen with worse performances than this.

    The storyline is supposed to be based on one of the greatest ghost stories in the US but the movie has nothing to show for it. Storyline is very weak with a plot that could have been so much more if some kind of effort had been put in.

    Overall, best avoided. I wish I could have.
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    Resurrection Mary is pegged as a romantic thriller.

    Let me immediately clarify that it isn't, its a horror and a poor attempt at one at that.

    Loosely and teased to be based on the bloody mary mythology combined with the iconic white lady a man is tormented by this apparition and he may need to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his other half.

    Sadly the story makes very little sense and at no point does it even go anywhere.

    It all looks and sounds the part but the lead manages one pained facial expression for the entire film and only the ghost stands out as competent.

    Dull, lifeless, jumbled mess of a film.

    The Good:

    Decent antagonist

    Surprisingly good soundtrack

    The Bad:

    Joe Estevez

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    Joe Estevez's acting seems to get worse with each film he does
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    Poor Jeff, still depressed over his parent's dying, doesn't have a date to Homecoming yet. One night while driving his cares away he meets Mary, not knowing she's the ghostly beauty of Chicago legend, and ends up inviting her to the dance. When his not so friendly acquaintance shows up dead, the police think Jeff did it, due to an altercation between them over Mary. When more of Jeff's friends meet their untimely demise, (and after his Gradmother tells him of the urban legend) he begins to put two and two together. The problem is that he's a bit of an idiot, as the viewer is five steps ahead of him.

    Due to an over-reliance on ominous 'point-of-view' shots that all but give away the killer, comic panel seuqueways that make the movie seem silly and trite (well MORE silly and trite than the film already is anyway), acting that's slightly sub-par, and a fairly generic story, this movie comes off as just another tedious entry in the sea of countless PG-13 rated (the movie is Not rated, but it's definitely only PG-13 caliber) so-called "horror" flicks. Rent the one with Joe Estevez instead.

    My Grade: D

    DVD Extras: Commentary by Writer/director Sean Beyer & actors Pamela Noble, Lauren Storm, Kristin Herrera, Kevin G. Schmidt, and Kyle Davis; a 13 minute Making-of; 12 minutes of bloopers; 3 deleted scenes; theatrical trailer for this film
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    Good movie. I liked the story line and the characters, although the acting does feel a bit lackluster at times. The graphic novel concept driving the film is pretty cool, and it makes sense considering the amount of stories that have already been told about Resurrection Mary. I heard the budget for this film was only something like $200K, which surprised me considering how well a lot of the shots look. I saw Sean Michael Beyer's last film called Down The P.C.H., another low budget film. This film is a lot different from that, but both these projects show that you don't need a ton of money to make a decent-looking film, and I give Sean a lot of credit for that.

    Those looking for a horror/slasher film will be disappointed by this film. It's much more of a drama that focuses on developing its characters. This is done especially well with the main character Jeff. Overall, Resurrection Mary is a pretty good movie, and worth checking out.
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    There are numerous places that have a legend of a female ghost killed along a highway, although most involve a bridge. In this story Jeff (Kevin G. Schmidt) who lives with his grandmother (Sally Kirkland) almost hits Mary (Pamela Noble) on Archer Avenue, the same place where his parents died in an accident. They start to see each other and then Jeff's friends start turning up dead.

    The film has the same quality as a made for TV film. This is a romance/thriller and not a horror story by any means. I was bored for most of the production as the script and actors puts this film to rest. Might work for Lifetime film fans.

    Parental Guide: No f-bombs, sex, or nudity.
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    You'd think that I could keep the different versions of RM straight in my head, but a "certain on-line service that stream videos like this one" has been mixing up the images and the production years. Anyway, this version is not nearly as bad as the other version, which has Mr. Estevez in it (in case you need to be able to distinguish between the two). So the rule is, "If RM has a Kirkland in it, it's watchable. If it has an Estevez in it, it isn't." I hope this helps horror film fans everywhere.

    Other than that, I'll just point out that it's a ghost story with some average carnage in it and kind of a silly story.

    Enjoy! Don't thank me now.
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    I wanted to like this and hoped it had to do with the actual ghost story/legend of the real Resurrection Mary, but I found this quite boring. I gave it 30 minutes, not much was happening with it, nothing to draw me in. Bad acting (although not the worst I've seen), and flashing around from one scene to another. Not sure if it was visions or hallucinations or what. But I found it annoying. It also seemed like the quality/atmosphere was that of some sort of made for TV movie, except for the female nudity in the beginning of course. I shut it off after 30 minutes, I couldn't take anymore. I feel bad giving a movie stars when I haven't seen the entire thing, but I don't want to watch the rest of it because of how boring it was.
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    When you view a lot of direct-to-video movies, you expect to see a fair share of clunkers. However, among the half dozen I've rated "2" or "3" out of 10 so far this year, RESURRECTION MARY is the least enjoyable, provocative, and watchable by a long shot. The plot points are fairly undecipherable, beyond what you can learn from reading the DVD case. The acting is terrible, as are the production values and script. It would be great to be able to write that there is some worthy cameo performance, or a nice bit of scenery, or some flashy art design, or an original touch in editing, or a passable music score, or a plot that might have worked in more capable hands, but quite frankly, this 91-minute exercise has NO redeeming value. Perhaps the nicest thing to be said about the version of RESURRECTION MARY "starring" Kevin G. Schmidt and Pamela Jean is that it is really wonderful this flick was not 92 or 93 minutes long. (To add insult to injury, THE MAKING OF RESURRECTION MARY is a decent exercise, albeit just 13 minutes long, meriting a vote of "6" out of 10 for its genre, indicating that a lion's share of the blame for the way the feature turned out belongs to director Sean Michael Beyer, who turned the "making of" helm over to his cast.)
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    Very Good movie for these newcomers. Ryan did an excellent job with a new version of Resurrection Mary, more of a drama than your basic same old slasher movie.

    A film student with a low budget, the screenplay was very well written,the directing was great and the actors/actresses did a fine job.

    There is a lot of potential from this group of filmmakers and crew. We will be looking anxiously forward to more fine pieces of work from this team.

    Great Job-Resurrection Mary Team!!!!
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    If you are looking for an effects-driven, star-powered blockbuster, then this film will disappoint. It is, however, quite good in terms of being a classic ghost story. The actual legend pertaining to the Resurrection Mary folklore from Chicago is secondary to the fictionalized tale presented as the plot in this film. The cynic in me suspects that the famous legend was incorporated into the script and the title for marketing purposes. I worried that the fictitious script would be slanderous, or do a disservice to a young woman who died tragically, but the film was done well. That Kristin Herrera is also a pretty strikingly FINE-lookin' lady!