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De Raad (2012) HD online

De Raad (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy / Crime / Thriller
Original Title: De Raad
Director: Fokke Baarssen
Writers: Mieke Janssen,Mieke Janssen
Released: 2012
Duration: 35min
Video type: Movie
Jos van Haaren is a member of the 'Board of 11' of Carnival foundation The Kraoieduijkers from Kraoiendam, as the town of Heesteren is being called during the Dutch Carnaval season. Jos is desperately trying to become Prince Carnival. According to the board's rules, this year is his last chance to be crowned as Prince. When Jos finds out that several other Boardmembers are sexually abusing young children, he get's tangled into a web of threats, blackmail and deceit.
Credited cast:
Christel de Laat Christel de Laat - Mevrouw de Bakker
Daan de Lange Daan de Lange - Bram van Haaren
Witold de Man Witold de Man - Gerrie
Dieter Jansen Dieter Jansen - Rechercheur
Gerrit Kistemaker Gerrit Kistemaker - Voorzitter
Sarah Kriek Sarah Kriek - Marieke de Bakker
Wim Schluter Wim Schluter - Guido
Peer Van den Berg Peer Van den Berg - Theo den Ooijer
Jochem van Gelder Jochem van Gelder - Kastelein
Eric Vliegenberg Eric Vliegenberg - Jos van Haaren
Ingeborg Wieten Ingeborg Wieten - Cindy van Haaren