» » Kerst met de Kuijpers Episode 4 (2018)

Kerst met de Kuijpers Episode 4 (2018) HD online

Kerst met de Kuijpers Episode 4 (2018) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Family
Original Title: Episode 4
Director: Jelle de Jonge
Writers: Nasja Covers,Daan Windhorst
Released: 2018
Duration: 20min
Video type: TV Episode
Lilian supports Frank when he realizes that he made the wrong choice with Caro. Casper tries to persuade Renée to join the Christmas dinner, but Renée is too ashamed of what she has said to everyone. During the Christmas dinner, it appears that the children of Casper and Renée made a movie with their phones about the whole family. There are a few painful revelations with major consequences.
Episode cast overview:
Jeroen Spitzenberger Jeroen Spitzenberger - Frank Kuijpers
Ronald Goedemondt Ronald Goedemondt - Casper Kuijpers
Henriëtte Tol Henriëtte Tol - Marja Kuijpers
Marcel Hensema Marcel Hensema - Hans
Eva van der Gucht Eva van der Gucht - Renee
Katrien van Beurden Katrien van Beurden - Lilian
Ziarah Janssen Ziarah Janssen - Caro
Carly Wijs Carly Wijs - Annabel
Sem van Butselaar Sem van Butselaar - Mike
Boaz Kock Boaz Kock - Wolf
Femke de Booys Femke de Booys - Vlinder
Julia Nauta Julia Nauta - Myrthe